Local Music Issue: Sick of Sarah

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Erin Schwab Lori Dokken 
Brute Heart Ellis 
Rogue Valley Stan Hill of the TCGMC
Dessa Jeremy Messersmith 
The New Standards Sick of Sarah

Sick of Sarah. Photo by Amber McDonald

The Twin Cities have a long legacy of spicy rockers running back decades, and Sick of Sarah are eager to take up that mantel. These rockers (who, incidentally, are also women) play tuneful, punky and driving rock music, splitting between the music’s pure raw edge and subtle touches (vocal harmonies) that bring to mind the best the genre can bring to the game. Last year’s 2205 showcased the band’s breadth, while national tours have broadened their appeal. Locally, they are perfectly at home at the likes of the 7th Street Entry and the Triple Rock Social Club.

via Sick of Sarah

via Sick of Sarah




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