Local Music Issue: Erin Schwab

Erin Schwab. Photo by Sophia Hantzes
Erin Schwab. Photo by Sophia Hantzes
Erin Schwab Lori Dokken 
Brute Heart Ellis 
Rogue Valley Stan Hill of the TCGMC
Dessa Jeremy Messersmith 
The New Standards Sick of Sarah

Erin Schwab. Photo by Sophia Hantzes

Erin Schwab knows how to work a song, and an audience. She’s built that up over a career in musical theater with the likes of Tina ‘n’ Tony’s Wedding and the national tour of School House Rock Live! That experience allows her to tackle just about anything under the sun, from covers of tunes by the Police to a selection from Avenue Q to originals based on her years as a working performer. Meanwhile, her warm approach and ability to work a crowd can be heard at local gigs at places like Hell’s Kitchen, The Town House, or her album, Martini’s & Cleavage.  Get tickets for The Erin Schwab Christmas Special at Mixed Blood Theatre December 9 & 10.  www.erinschwab.com

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