Leaner & Meaner: A Q&A with the “Queen of Mean”


Photo courtesy of Mystic Lake Casino

She’s referred to as “edgy.”

Her website address is www.insultcomic.com.

She’s leaner and meaner…and she’s coming to town August 31.

Here’s Lisa Lampanelli, without editing, answering questions from our readers. Make sure to get tickets to see her  in The Leaner & Meaner Tour on August 31 at Mystic Lake. 

Minnesota now has legal same-sex marriage as of August 1, 2013.  What marital advice would you give to same-sex newlyweds?

I would say that marriage is difficult, so just do what straight people do: cheat on their spouses and adopt unfair-fighting practices. It seems to work for us.

The new tour is Leaner and Meaner. Weight loss changes your wardrobe–what did you do with all your great dresses?

My great dresses are in my mother’s cedar closet at her home. I’m keeping them in case I gain my weight back or if I get famous enough to have a museum erected in my honor.

Has your entire routine and jokes changed with your weight? 

Now that I lost weight, I’m hungry. And the hungrier I am, the angrier I am, and the funnier I am. So it’s basically a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Have you ever had any serious backlash from the racial jokes you use in your routines? Or have the audiences always been receptive to them?

The audience is usually very receptive to my jokes — including the ones about races and sexual preferences — but sometimes people who aren’t familiar with my comedy don’t get me. And to them I say: “Get with the program, snatch-y!”

You started as a journalist, and went to grad school at Harvard. Why did you find it necessary to resort to a crude, stereotypically Italian, New Yorker accent and word choice for comedy when you probably have a bigger vocabulary and were more educated than most of your comedic counterparts and could have made a serious mark in witty, intelligent comedy?

This is a two-part answer: A) For the same reason Norman Lear created the character of Archie Bunker; B) Go punch yourself in the clit, passive-aggressive douchecock.


Lisa Lampanelli in “The Leaner & Meaner Tour” at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
2400 Mystic Lake Blvd.,
Prior Lake
(952) 445-9000

Saturday, August 31, 8pm

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