Lavender’s New Website: Our Community – Online, Part 1


Lavender developed a new website with multiple goals at the fore, the most important of which are 1.) organization, 2.) accessibility, and 3.) space.  Really, space is what dictated the entire project as now that we’ve got more space than ever, it means that we can have more content—which needs to be organized and accessible.

But, we’ve always had a lot of content.  It’s both revolutionary and business-as-usual.  Now, we’re organizing it for you better with a format that requires some eye-training.  Once you start familiarizing yourself with the website, your eyes will know where to look and expect to find things.  It’ll become more comfortable and, eventually, even easy.

Let me draw your eyes up to the top of the site as that grey bar is where you’ll find a great deal of organization and accessibility for the clicking.  There are links to our very popular Big Gay News and Wanda Wisdom sites which will be integrated into soon.

But, more noteworthy, that’s where you’ll find links to our Contests, our Online Magazine, and our Calendar.

Ah, the Calendar.  Yes.  We’ve opened up accessibility for you to post your own Calendar items.  We want this to be the resource for the Lavender community.  Once you click on Calendar, you get a listing of everything that’s happening.  You can sort by event type or by date if you click in the sidebar on either the categories or the miniature calendar.  Once you click the miniature calendar, you’ll get to a page where you can choose a date and see what’s happening.  Again, back to having space, organizing it, and making it accessible.

On the issue of accessibility, it’s your Calendar.  By being your Calendar, it’s our Calendar.  Upload your events!  For free!  With a photo, even!  It’s yours.  And, the more you add, the more it will become a resource for your community.  Our community.

See the Submit an Event button beneath the categories and miniature calendar?  That’s where you can do it.  Each event needs to be approved after they’re submitted, but they’ll show up shortly. You can even upload a picture.  Make it appealing, tell us about it, and then we all know what’s going on.

Have at it.  Right here.

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