How to Dress Up Your Wedding, Wine-Style


Wine-StyleBy Katy Keiffer

Woo-hoo!  You’re getting married! Of course you want every detail to be exactly right …and there are so many details! Aside from what to wear, perhaps the most important decisions you make are going to be about food and drink. Unless you are blessed with an extensive knowledge of food and wine and how they go together, you will be doing a lot of homework.

So, how do you pick a wine? Obviously the chief criteria is that it must taste good. It also has to complement your menu selections without breaking the bank. And, dare I say, you probably want it to make a statement about you and your beloved.  A fun statement! A statement that proclaims “We know who we are and we know how to make a good party great by choosing all the right components.” Selecting great wine is key to providing your guests with a truly memorable experience.

Meet Little Black Dress Wines. This line of fun, inexpensive wines has something for every wine lover.  Most people want to offer a choice of red and white at their weddings. Little Black Dress has you more than covered there.  With a full complement of varietals from classic Chardonnay and Cabernet, to Moscato and Riesling, Little Black Dress has a wine that will work with any dish.  Planning to serve Italian food? Bring on the Pinot Grigio! Maybe you and your partner absolutely love ethnic foods, like Indian or Thai?  You could serve either a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc.  Each wine has a personality and flavor profile that enables you to make the perfect pairing for your perfect event.

Little Black Dress Wines are the result of the art and craft of Zidanelia Arcidiacono, familiarly known as Z, (‘cos who can say that name three times fast?).  A US native who grew up in Argentina, Z studied wine-making in Mendoza, completing her education with a degree from the National School of Oenology before moving on to France to complete her wine studies.  Crisscrossing the globe, Z became harvest oenologist in California for the likes of Sonoma Cutrer. From there, she was recruited by Little Black Dress to come up with their signature collection.  Now one of the most popular and affordable brands on the market, Little Black Dress Wines are synonymous with style, and like the little black dress they are named for, these wines can be counted on to make you look good!

In addition to the traditional varietals, Z has created three Divalicious blends. These wines offer a more complex flavor profile with enhanced flexibility. Divalicious Red is an alluring blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, and Petite Sirah, along with hints of Zinfandel, Tannat, Mourvèdre, Garnacha, and Malbec. Chances are some of these names may not mean that much to you, but they add up to a rich, juicy, red with notes of ripe berries, black cherries, and floral accents. It flirts well with spicy food, and with hearty meat dishes.  Or you can dress it up for a red-wine-based cocktail or a summery sangria.

Depending on your menu, you may prefer something lighter and zestier, such as Divalicious White, a delectable blend of Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is great with food, or just as an aperitif …a truly versatile selection likely to please even the biggest wine snob at the wedding!

Right now, there is a tremendous surge in popularity for blush wines (aka Rosé).  Here Z has worked her magic too, developing a brand new Pink Pinot Grigio that stands out in a crowded field.  What makes Divalicious Pink Pinot Grigio so divalicious? The subtle blend of grapes: Pinot Grigio, Muscat, Chardonnay, and Viognier.  Crisp, refreshing, and a ravishing shade of pale pink (derived from the naturally copper-hued skins of the Pinot Grigio grape), Divalicious Pink Pinot Grigio not only works well with a variety of foods but it is perfect for the cocktail hour. The bottles look gorgeous on a wedding table, or you can make it a signature gift for guests, the bridal party, and groomsmen.

Not least, Little Black Dress Wines have a social commitment element as well. The winery supports various charities, either directly or through partnerships. Causes we all care about, such as breast cancer awareness and supporting female veterans.  Buying these wines means buying into a community of like-minded people whose purchases reflect their values. So not only do you identify yourself as stylish, sexy, and savvy, but you express your social conscience in your choices.

After all, a wedding is not just about celebration is it?  It is a public demonstration of commitment; a contract with one another and with society as a whole.  It’s an exciting opportunity to show who you are and what you care about.  Hooray!

About Katy: Katy is a contributing editor for Food Arts, writing primarily about the meat and seafood industries. She also hosts a weekly show devoted to the food industry for Heritage Radio Network. With her teenage daughter Delilah, Katy divides her time between homes in New York City and Rhode Island, where she loves to entertain and maintains an impressive wine cellar.

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