Homophobia & The Holocaust: The Band Group & OutFront co-partner for Gay Classic “Bent”


Image courtesy of Adrian Lopez-Balbontin.

The Band Group is teaming up with OutFront Minnesota for a revival of a major drama of classic status. Bent by Martin Sherman premiered in London in 1979 and was nominated for the 1980 Tony Award for Best Play. Set in 1930s Berlin, those who known the musical Cabaret will recognize those 1930s textures associated with Germany under Adolf Hitler.

The Band Group’s founding artistic director Adrian Lopez-Balbontin relates, “Bent is considered one of the pillars in the canon of queer dramatic literature, and I’m very humbled to dive into directing this beautifully poignant play. Even though written in the 1970s, and surrounding the scourge of the Nazi persecution and imprisonment of homosexuals, it rings very loudly to me and should with audiences today. It is also a play and story to be celebrated because [it’s] about a man’s journey to find his pride. Finally, I am excited that The Band Group will be partnering with OutFront, a nonprofit organization that takes on many social and political issues that threaten our LGBTQ community. I look forward with the production to directly link audiences with OutFront and the work they do in our community.”

Sept. 6-15
Phoenix Theatre, 2605 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis

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