Halloween Season Near Lake Nokomis from Classics Lost N Found – “Ghosts of the Emerald Isle”


GREG BASTIEN as the Lord of Malahyde Castle. Photo by Noreen Brandt.

Irish ghost stories have held place in classic fantasy literature for centuries and this year you can celebrate your Halloween season with some of them. Therefore, what could be better than a theater troupe that’s been standing tall for classic theater to offer that opportunity. Noreen K. Brandt, known for her performances as an actor and director of productions for Classics N Found, says she “is very proud of her Irish heritage.” She researched her Ghosts of the Emerald Isle by visiting Dublin and the surrounding Irish countryside, and touring some of the places mentioned in the play such as Malahyde Castle, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin Castle, the Viking Museum, and the Gravedigger’s Pub. Brandt also researched numerous websites for information on poltergeists, banshees, Queen Victoria, and famous Irish writers, as well as haunted pubs, cemeteries, and legends such as The Woman in White.
Ghosts of the Emerald Isle
Through Oct. 25 & 26 at 7 p.m.
Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church, 1620 E. 46th St., Minneapolis
Tickets sold at the door. $12, $10

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