GLASS and Mayhem Hold Activities at Pride Festival

Pride Weekend, June 25-26, is one of the best opportunities to discover your inner athlete. Sporting opportunities exist for pretty much everyone, regardless of age or physical strength. The best thing you can do is to meet some of the players in person, and the best way to do so is to visit all the sports-team booths at the Pride Festival in Loring Park. They will all have information available about their teams and their seasons, plus how to get involved

Three sports activities are going on at the Pride Festival that you will want to check out.

GLASS Volleyball Pride Tournament

On June 25, the GLASS Volleyball League will hold its annual Pride Tournament at the Pride Festival, near the shuffleboard courts on the northeast corner of Loring Park. It’s a one-day, four-player grass volleyball tournament with a pool format. Teams of four players compete in a number of matches based on how many teams participate. This year, teams will be divided into three divisions: competitive, intermediate, and recreational. The cost for teams to participate is $40. All proceeds benefit GLASS. Registration forms are available at

GLASS Tennis Games

During the Pride Festival all day on June 25-26, at the tennis courts in Loring Park, GLASS Tennis will hold a fun get-to-know tennis event. In conjunction with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Minnesota Rallies, the arm of GLASS that coordinates tennis matches for GLBT folks in the Cities, will host open tennis games. Individuals from USTA and the Rallies will be on hand to help people learn to play, and will provide tennis rackets. For more information, visit

Mayhem Rugby Football Match

Mayhem Rugby Football Club will hold a shortened rugby match on June 26 at around 3 PM at the Pride Festival, near the shuffleboard courts on the northeast corner of Loring Park. Not sure what rugby is? Don’t worry, the Mayhem will be there to explain, and will have a 101 Guide ready for curious onlookers. A fast-paced game, rugby is both mentally and physically demanding. All players on the field, regardless of position, must be able to run, pass, and catch the ball. It is a full-tackle sport, and players don’t wear equipment as in American football. A rugby match typically consists of two 40-minute halves, but the Pride Match will be shortened to two 15-minute halves. It is free. For information, go to

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