From the Editor- Currently Vibing

I want to take a brief step away from what’s become my typical format for these letters, and discuss a little bit about what I’m feeling/vibing/loving right now. 

2021 was a tough year (like really, really tough, personally and universally), but there were definitely highlights. I’ve discussed music in some of my pieces before, but I was really feeling a couple Hot Chip remixes (they turned Remi Wolf’s “Disco Man” inside out, and transformed Casper Caan’s “Last Chance” into an electro banger); Thom Yorke’s “Creep – Very 2021 Rmx” offered some much needed solace during 2021’s darkest time; speaking of darkness, witch house pioneers White Ring came out of absolutely nowhere with the oddly moving “Tower”; Beach House dropped a ton of classics on their EP Once Twice Melody; Grouper’s Shade may have been my favorite album of the year; Denzel Curry dropped “The Game,” and is releasing a new album soon; Timber Timbre quietly released some Halloween classics; and I discovered the seemingly unstoppable band Nation of Language; among many others. I don’t know what’s in store for us this year, because I don’t have the time or energy to look into it, but Spoon’s new single “Wild” is currently on repeat.

Favorite movie of the year was Julia Ducournau’s Titane, favorite show Euphoria. Also loving the new season of How To with John Wilson. Oh, and I Think You Should Leave is masterful.

Let’s see. Favorite podcasts: Threedom and Comedy Bang! Bang! The chemistry of that Earwolf crew is beautiful.

What else? Started dating again, which turned the levels of every one of my human emotions all the way up, but has evened out now to a happy equilibrium. It’s interesting, seeing yourself within the context of yourself, rather than part of a relationship. It’s kind of like the moment you see your parents as living, breathing, flawed humans rather than ideas.

Went on a big poetry kick, and really loved the work of LGBTQ+ poets torrin a. greathouse, Jennifer Huang and Nicky Beer—all featured in the pages of this very magazine (Beer forthcoming).

The highest point for my 2021 was, paradoxically, in unison with my lowest point. I drove down to Spring Grove alone, to stay on a beautiful regenerative farm. That first night, I was sitting by the fire and the family’s enormous dog came bounding out of the darkness and basically tackled me. She hung out all night, but the morning brought my highlight: I woke up, a little hungover, and climbed the ladder down from the little cottage’s loft. Outside the front door was that enormous dog, waiting for me. I honestly think that moment turned my life around.

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