From the Editor: What’s On the Menu?

Photo courtesy of Randy Stern
Photo courtesy of Randy Stern

I should have warned you about this column…I am a storyteller. I love to tell stories. My apologies in advance…

Until 1997, I was quite uncomfortable with dining in “nice places.” I preferred casual haunts that were affordable with good food. 

At that time, I was living in the Washington, D.C. area and was called out for my dining habits. I was told by a friend in that community that they prefer to dine at the better places around the town. Certainly, I was making better money during my time out there and was able to enjoy some really nice places in and around our Nation’s Capital. 

From that lesson, I learned that we, as a community, like to dine out at the finest places in town sometimes. It comes down to a way to impress that one love in our lives– or, the one we are at least interested in. 

Other times, we just want a burger, a pizza, a curry, or a casual vegan dish. We want to not worry about dressing up and employing table manners. Yet, we still want good food no matter where we go. 

These days, you will most likely find me at a more casual place to eat. Usually solo or with a bunch of friends. I always end up at places that I am more familiar with, serving consistently good food without any drama around me. Perhaps that is the way you dine, also? Maybe with your group of friends, strangers, and so forth? After all, isn’t food a celebration?

In this issue, we are serving you a well-balanced menu. From vegan ingredients to serving up a slice of community, we offer you choices that keep us satisfied and well fed. We also make a stop in Pine City for a pint of fine locally produced microbrews. All in time for a night at the opera! 

As a reminder, Dining Out For Life is happening on April 28! This is one of best fundraisers we have in our community, supporting the Aliveness Project. Pick your restaurants and give generously to keep serving our HIV/AIDS communities. With places to dine across the Twin Cities, Mankato, and Duluth, it is a worthy cause for all of us to enjoy a lovely meal. 

Before I close this column, I want to give a hearty “congratulations” and a “thank you” to Dot Belstler for her 13 years of leadership at Twin Cities Pride. he has announced her retirement from the leadership of the Upper Midwest’s largest LGBTQ Pride event. Without her leadership and the team she put together, our annual celebration of community and culture would never be what is for the past 50 years. We will celebrate her career in our upcoming Pride Issue.

For now, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are now served!

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