Freshwater Theatre Looks Into Autism and Gender

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Photo courtesy of Faye Fisher-Ward.

Freshwater Theatre continues its inquiry into issues of marginalized people with a new play by Dylan Ward, My Life Through History (An Autistic Man’s Journey). The playwright also plays Thomas, the protagonist, a man with high-functioning Autism. Thomas journeys in his mind through history and prehistory. In 2015 this work was part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival and now has been expanded into a full-length production directed by Ariel Leaf.

Running in repertory with Ward’s play are three solo remounts. Leaf will share from her past in Other Fish in the Sea. Scot Moore reprises his thought-provoking inquiry into masculinity in Men Will Be Boys. Comedienne Mamie Pelletier reflects on teenage antics in Confessions of a Delinquent Cheerleader.

My Life Through History (An Autistic Man’s Journey) & Remounts of Solo Work
April 1–12
Crane Theatre, 2303 Kennedy St. NE, Minneapolis




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