FASHION SHOW: Fashion Group International’s Summer Breeze 2014


Breeze Among the Irons
Produced by Sandy Simmons
Emceed by Ali Kaplan & Grant Whitaker
June 19, 2014 | Calhoun Beach Club

Breeze Among the Irons

Let not the rain betray fashion sensibilities! What was scheduled to be the summer’s hottest rooftop fashion show became the decade’s hottest gym show. That’s right, stylistas: a rainy evening forced the rooftop-planned Summer Breeze Fashion Show into the Calhoun Beach Club’s fitness center, and the move stopped no one. Local boutiques and designers Martin Patrick3, Bumbershute, MINQ, Motto, Atmosfere, Nani Nalu, among others, showcased summer fashion in a lighthearted, spirited atmosphere.

What could’ve been a disastrous show due to its last minute move indoors became one of the season’s most memorable, and the change in venue made for an environment true to its name: fun, breezy, and relaxed. Producer Sandy Simmons and her team delivered an event unique to Minneapolis, due in part to its location, due mainly to its levity. We’re ranking FGI’s debut on the runway one of the year’s most refreshing, fun events.

We interviewed show producer Sandy Simmons about FGI and the show. Read our conversation below; photography from the show and trends spotted follow.

All photography by Lav.fash resident photographer Kyle Lieberman.

Q&A with Sandy Simmons

Lav.fash | Whats FGI? Whats its objective?

Sandy Simmons | The Fashion Group International is a global, non-profit, professional organization with 5,000 members in the fashion industry including apparel, accessories, beauty and home. The FGI mission is to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion and design and to help its members become more effective in their careers. To do this, FGI provides insights on major trends in person, online and in print; access to business professionals and a gateway to the influence fashion plays in the marketplace.

How long has FGI been around in Minneapolis?

SS | Summer Breeze was FGI’s first fashion show in Minneapolis. Why put one together now? Yes, it is Summer Breeze first fashion show but FGI has put on many fashion’s in the past. I had come up with the idea that we should have a Summer/Swimwear show at Calhoun Beach Club. Our Summers are so short in Minnesota that we need to take every opportunity to show what our Minnesota boutique’s have to offer.

How was the theme chosen?

SS | The theme was chosen actually by our Stylist Richard Moody and I thought it was brilliant.

Whats next for FGI?

SS | FGI put’s on events once a month and can be checked out by, our next event is Culinary + Fashion at FACES in Mears Park in St. Paul.

How can we keep in tune with FGI?

SS | Plus become a member of FGI and reap the benefits of being a member.

Whats your take on Twin Cities fashion? What are we missing?

SS | I believe we are “behind the 8 ball” from NY and with FGI’s connection with our corporate and founder state of FGI we feel we (Minnesota) can get closer with the current trends.

Anything else youd like to share?

SS | FGI/MSP Board members are working hard at getting the word out about FGI/MSP and what we have to offer. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us at [email protected]



–    Patterned and monochromatic prints on skirts and summer dresses.
–    Floral prints on everything, including swimwear.
–    Tie dye, often discussed about but rarely well done, shown beautifully.

–    Predicted summer tailored looks strong in looks from Atmosfere and Martin Patrick3.
–    Fun fitted and patterned shorts, including many with outdoor graphics such as landscapes—yes, landscapes—shown nicely.
–    Reinforcement that man bags aren’t just for the beach.



Sandy Simmons is Co-Programming Director, Fashion Group International-Minnesota and is a staple in Twin Cities fashion.

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