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“Ever since I was a little kid I always liked throwing a great party,” Justen Pohl says. As the founder and director of Enticing Entertainment, Pohl certainly knows how to throw a party. Whether you’re looking for aerialists, contortionists, or living statues, Pohl and his crew have you covered. And to think, it all started with a hula hoop.

Enticing Entertainment's open house at Aria - images by Studio Laguna Photography

Enticing Entertainment’s roaming table offers some added style to your wedding. Photo by Studio Laguna

“Years ago at a party I picked up a hula hoop and immediately I was hooked!” He says, “After consistent practice, I started getting asked to perform at events, meetings, and parties. I quickly found myself immersed in the local circus community and learning many different types of circus acts. After establishing myself as a performer, I started throwing events at a warehouse in the North Loop.”

While throwing these events, he worked closely with countless artists, performers, and builders to put together events that would give people an unforgettable, unique experience. It didn’t take long for the word to spread about these events and soon people started contacting Pohl and his crew to perform at their events. Thus, Enticing Entertainment was born! From there, Pohl quit his real estate career to fully commit to growing his entertainment family. He started with about 10 performers, but now Enticing Entertainment has grown to over 120 performers and staff — and still growing!

Though Enticing Entertainment caters to corporate clients, they certainly shouldn’t be overlooked to add some extra flair and style to your wedding. Corporate clients, like couples planning a wedding, are looking to create a spectacular event. But more importantly, both corporate event planners and couples planning a wedding are focusing on creating a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests.

Enticing Entertainment's open house at Aria - images by Studio Laguna Photography

The living red carpet give guests the ultimate experience. Photo by Studio Laguna

“Enticing Entertainment is unique among entertainment companies,” says Enticing’s director of sales and marketing, James Starchild. “We aren’t simply a booking agency; Enticing Entertainment is a full-scale production house. We work with an experienced team of performers, designers, and technicians to create experiences that are specific to you and your event.”

So, what if that event is a wedding? Enticing Entertainment is polished, professional, and a perfect way to make any wedding standout. “Too often when people are looking to add entertainment to an event they get lost in a sea of options,” Starchild says. “It’s hard to tell good entertainment from bad and people end up booking something inconsistent and unreliable. With Enticing Entertainment we approach each event with a passion for perfection and work closely with our clients to make sure that, when the day arrives, every detail is on point.”

Still not sure that the Enticing Entertainment flair is right for your wedding? Relax; it’s for everyone! According to Starchild, the only thing the people who come to Enticing have in common is the desire to elevate their event in an exceptional way. “True, our acts are out of the ordinary,” he says, “but that is what makes them — and every wedding or event that they perform at — an unforgettable experience. Each performance is as different as each individual who comes to us. What better way to celebrate a once in a lifetime event than with a once-in-a-lifetime performance?”

Enticing Entertainment's open house at Aria - images by Studio Laguna Photography

Enticing Entertainment’s open house at Aria. Photo by Studio Laguna

But Enticing Entertainment is so much more than a performance, they can also help add style to your wedding. The living red carpet, for example, is one of Enticing’s custom-built acts. She stands about 10 feet high and features a red carpet extending from her to allow your guests the ultimate red carpet experience. Starchild notes that especially popular acts are live musicians and drag queens. More than that, Enticing Entertainment has worked to create environments for events and work with a team of lighting and sound designers, event designers, florists, and more.

Enticing Entertainment’s team works closely with clients to develop entertainment programs to fit any theme, so don’t worry about having to stretch your wedding theme to incorporate the performances. The talented team of artists and designers can custom design whatever you can dream up — in fact, Starchild calls it their specialty!

With that specialty comes a certain level of expectation: expect the exceptional. The unique and the unusual. Expect to be thrilled by theatrics and seduced by skill. But don’t worry about being upstaged at your big event. “Any performer can tell you that being the center of attention is a lot of work,” Starchild says. “While the focus should obviously be on the happy couple, most people find it to be a relief to have a moment to breathe at their event. Enticing Entertainment is the ideal way to entertain your guests because we know how to elevate an event without becoming a distraction.”

Enticing Entertainment's open house at Aria - images by Studio Laguna Photography

Contortionists like this one twist and bend their way into your guests heart. Photo by Studio Laguna

Now comes the hard part: choosing which act to feature at your wedding. According to Starchild, acts that feature two performers are always a popular choice for weddings. He says double aerial acts, double body balancing acts, and dance acts featuring partnered couples are ideal choices for weddings because they allow the performers to incorporate the romance of the day into their performances.

With annual auditions held in the fall (keep your eye out for details, performers!), Enticing Entertainment is always upping the ante and rising to the next level. But don’t let the mastery of Enticing Entertainment dictate your venue choice. “If you’re looking to make a splash, look for venues with plenty of space, great acoustics, and fantastic lighting,” Starchild says. “Most importantly, find some place that’s you and makes you feel comfortable. We can work with almost any venue. So if your venue is ‘you’ we’ll make sure everything else will fall into place!”

Enticing Entertainment
1855 134th Ln. NE, Anoka

Enticing Wedding Double Lyra

With their teamwork and creative, yet daring, stunts the double lyra act will amaze any audience. Photo by Studio Laguna

Enticing Fitness

Most of the people performing with Enticing Entertainment have been talent scouted or hand-picked to train in their art. Others start at an even younger age in circus schools. “Our performers are inspired by the opportunity to express themselves in their own unique way,” Pohl says. “Circus arts can make you cry, make you laugh, make you think, but they will never leave you bored. Performance arts are very demanding, there is always something to learn and limits to be pushed. All of our performers will tell you there is an undeniable rush when you finish a performance that makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

Being a performer requires constant training. Pohl says his performers are always in the gym, taking yoga classes, and training in studios every day. Depending on what type of act they are working on, workout routines vary.

“Everybody has their strengths and weakness and we work together as a community to help each other get past the things that are hard for us individually,” Pohl says. “Some may struggle with flexibility and others may struggle more with stamina. Through working and training together we are all able to become our personal best.”

Getting in shape for a wedding doesn’t have to be as intensive as a contortionist or aerialist’s regimen, however.

There are many ways to get into shape for a wedding, so why not try something different and fun? Try a beginner’s aerial class, or even a hula hoop class. “You would be surprised how fast you can burn calories, tighten and tone your body, and have fun at the same time!” Pohl says. “It’s also a great thing to do with your friends; that way the whole wedding party will be looking their best.”

Pohl recommends Stomping Ground Studio in downtown Minneapolis or Open Minds Fusion Studio in uptown as great places to look into. He says, “Both studios offer a wide array of fantastic ways to get fit and learn fun new skills.”

Most people think you have to start at a young age. And it’s true that many performers start when they are young. But Pohl says it’s never too late to discover your inner performer. “We work with performers of all ages that do all different types of acts,” he says. “Being a performer is all about passion and dedication — those don’t have an age limit.”

Stomping Ground Studio
110 N. 3rd St., Minneapolis

Open Minds Fusion Studio
515 W. Lake St., Minneapolis

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