Dynamic Choreography and Bright Young Cast Energize “Bring it On”

Photo by Clint Tuccio.

Photo by Clint Tuccio.

Expect no subtlety (nor the original movie plot) in the musical Bring It On, now at the Ordway on national tour. The dialogue is as bombastic as the acrobatic choreography is dazzling. Despite the orchestrations being too overpowering at times  it’s still a great deal of fun. Protagonist Campbell (a terrific Nadia Vynnytsky) is a likable girl who ethically makes her way up  as cheerleading captain at her affluent white high school. When she finds she has been redistricted into a poorer and much more diverse school district , she feels compelled to still, in some way, realize her dream of leading the winning squad at the cheerleading national championship.

Photo by Clint Tuccio.

Photo by Clint Tuccio.

At the new school she goes up against the multi-racial powers of popularity and finds disinterest that sometimes borders on disdain. Vynnytsky gets delightful support from Maise Salinger as a fellow redistricted class mate whose previous lack of self-esteem is mended in the new high school space and Sharrod Williams as a crossgender MTF Campbell starts on the path to cheerleading. The entire young cast is bright, funny, and at times, downright endearing. They point to an impending future where jocks and stereotypical cheerleaders no longer wield psychic power over the rest of the students.

Bring it On
Through May 18
Ordway Center, 345 Washington St., St. Paul
(651) 224-4222

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