“Crime and Punishment” Has Us Look at Performance and Literature in a New Kind of Way

Photo by Dan Norman
Photo by Dan Norman
Photo by Dan Norman

Photo by Dan Norman

The Dostoyevsky novel Crime and Punishment has undergone a unique adaptation and transformation. The Soap Factory, Dangerous Productions, and Live Action Set are co-presenting an immersive, walk-through theater experience, that has been getting lots of buzz.

The lead creators, Joanna Harmon, Noah Bremer, and Tyler Olsen sent this group statement: “We think theater audiences in the Twin Cities are ready for something new. Minnesotans are adventurous people who thrive on challenge and discovery, and that’s what Crime and Punishment is all about. We want to create theater based in action and engagement, where you get out as much as you put into your experience. Sure, as an audience member you can simply watch what happens, but it doesn’t have to stop there. It’s a different show for every person who sees it.”

They add “We believe there’s a new generation of new theater-goers out there who are ready to get their hands dirty, to really engage in a performance, instead of just sitting in a comfortable chair for two hours and giving the obligatory standing ovation at the end. After selling out the first iteration of Crime and Punishment, our gut reaction was to go further with this new style of performance that lives and breathes in the century we actually live in. Live Action Set, Dangerous Productions, and the Soap Factory are all organizations that are interested in creating works of action, not just art, and we believe Crime and Punishment is exactly that.”

Crime and Punishment
Through May 3
The Soap Factory, 514 Second St. S., Mpls.
(888) 388-8562

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