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As we continue to see the strain on the arts due to the pandemic, many of us are starved for some great theatre content. Some of us will even take it in various forms outside of just watching a streamed reading online which is why I’m putting together a list of podcasts that are great for anyone who is a fan of the stage. Check them out below, including one that focuses specifically on the Twin Cities scene!

SHOWGAYS: A Movie Musical Podcast

Right now, the closet thing many of us can get to musical theatre in real life is movie musicals. Thankfully there have been an abundance of movie musicals created in the last decade and even more before that. Real life couple Adam and RJ break down various movie musicals. They talk about how it compares to the original source material, behind the curtain information and breaking down even of each song with their own snarky and witty banter in between.

If you end up liking this podcast, try some more from them! They are the creators of Not a Bit Network, which is the creator of a few other podcasts, including The ‘D’ Podcast which is perfect for Disney lovers, and their newest one, Harry Potter and the Anxious Millennials.


Thank You Places with Anna Hashizume

This podcast is literally for Minnesota theatre fans. If you go to enough shows, you’ll start to notice that you may recognize tons of actors from show to show. It’s exciting to see this local talent grow and get better and better. Now you have the chance of getting to know them offstage with the Thank You Places podcast. Host Anna Hashizume is not only hilarious, but a great interview to give the podcast a pleasant vibe that feels like you’re just getting coffee with them one afternoon.

I had the pleasure of video messaging with Anna to be on the podcast as well! Keep an eye out for the episode with my name on it where we talked about reviewing, casting and what we want the Twin Cities theatre scene to evolve into.


Curtain Call Theatre Podcast

Take a trip across the pond to London’s West End with Curtain Call Theatre Podcast. Matt Humphrey, the host, shines a spotlight on various shows that are on the stage there (or were at the time). Everything from backstage stories to interviews with some of the most influential people in the West End, Curtain Call is a riveting podcast that dives into a side of theatre that many in America forget about.

If you’re a fan of the show Come From Away, check out their expanded podcast called Welcome to the Rock!, where they interview actors who made this show what it is today as well as those who their characters are based on.

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The Young Actor’s Guide

Maybe you’re not so interested in hearing from people who have already “made it” and you want to know how they got there. The Young Actor’s Guide is perfect for anyone starting out in the business or looking for a refresher course on everything they learned in college. Episodes feature agents, managers and even casting directors as well as ways to overcome self-doubt and achieve your dreams both onstage and off.


The Ensemblist

When we see a show, we usually think of the stars or the leads. But what about the other people on stage that don’t get the same recognition and sometimes do even more work? Understudies and those in the ensemble are some of the most unsung heroes that go out on stage every night, and The Ensemblist is a tribute to them. With plenty of interviews from theatre ensembles on Broadway and across the country, this podcast is now also a website where actors can post daily first-person essays for you to read as well. More content for us? We love to see it.

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