Collective Unconscious Enchants with Victor + Valentine

Photo by Matthew Benyo.

Photo by Matthew Benyo.

The subconscious world of fabled folklore, myth, and fairytales, is the frontier explored by the newly launched Collective Unconscious Performance group. With a spirit reminiscent of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, director David Hanzal and text writer Katharine Sherman have shaped Victor + Valentine, a story told with puppets and performers for what forms the context of the play, a traveling performance troupe.

The vibrant duo of Philip Gates and Sarah Dewhirst play an androgynous lead performer and assistant. They operate puppets beautifully designed by Hanzal, Libby Porter, and Elyse Evans. The life gone mad of a little boy compelled to constantly dance and a familiar tale of a little mermaid who loses her beautiful voice comprise what is dubbed “Cabaret for the Brokenhearted”.

Sherman, who made a strong impression earlier this year at Red Eye with Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, gives further evidence of her numinous style. She has an a lyrical ear for the phantoms of the subconscious mind.

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