At-Large: What Does Your Valentine’s Day Sound Like?


The notorious holiday approaches. While some romantics enjoy the opportunity to make excessive displays of love without judgment, others rediscover their hapless solitude. Singles will write empowered Facebook posts about taking the day to love themselves, clusters of well-humored friends will join to celebrate their independence, and, of course, couples at all stages of life will take each other on dinner dates and appreciate the journey. While corporations will always use this day to emphasize the importance of gifting, in a modern day and age, Valentine’s Day is assigned whatever significance we allow it to have.

Love songs, however, are an inescapable reality of this holiday. Much like a wine pairing, as you decide how to approach St. Valentine’s honorary Sunday, feel free to select the best recourse of action listed here, pairing song to your V-Day reality.


Relationships are Lame; You’re Loving You
“En Love” by Lizzo
This local musical genius just released a new album called Big Grrrl Small World. One of my favorite singles, “En Love,” starts out like a ballad, but quickly transforms into a hot twerk beat, as Lizzo teaches us to love ourselves like no one else. A great soundtrack to celebrate your commitment to your number one lover…you.


You’re Planning to Hide and Make Art
“Lime Habit” by Poliça
Sometimes the best thing to do is shut out the world and work with your hands. Lock the doors. Turn off the phone. Paint a picture. Build a birdhouse. Distress some jeans. Get crafty, chill out, and let Poliça’s most recent single be the soundtrack to your peace.


You’ve Got a New Valentine, and They’re Totally Hot
“Liquorice” by Azealia Banks
This song is grotesquely indulgent and, frankly, I love it. If the physical part of your relationship is at the forefront of what’s working, this song may be the perfect soundtrack to celebrate the trajectory of your hands. Love is likely to already be in the air. Seize the moment.


You Decided to Let Pizza Heal Your Wounds
“Pizza Pie” by Norman Fox & the Rob-Roys
Cooking is best when done to 1950s doo-wop. Norman Fox & the Rob-Roys wrote a song about pizza. Take your mind off your empty heart and make pizza to a pizza song while doing a pizza dance.


You’re in Love?
“Justify My Love” by Madonna
How wonderful for you. Enjoy the ride, don’t let anyone bring you down, and let Madonna do all the justification for you. The music video for this 1990 hit was banned from MTV for being too scandalous. Take a nod from the Queen of Pop and live on the edge. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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