“Circus Abyssinia” – Joyous Feats of Wonder from Ethiopia


Photo by David Rubene Photography.

A troupe of Ethiopian acrobats are performing a mesmerizing presentation at the Children’s Theatre Company. Co-creators Bibi and Bichu Tesfamarian have staged acts that are breathtakingly beautiful to watch with performers who show us that the physical body is capable of possibilities most of us never consider.

Photo by David Rubene Photography.

In a solo segment, a woman wears hula hoops continually undulating from her thigh, both arms & neck. Then she manipulates a Slinky made to fit over her body.
In another: two contortionists. One actually bends over backwards while the other bends onto her, so that they appear to be a single unit. The bodies are hypnotically fluid.

Photo by David Rubene Photography.

A dazzling ensemble act moves as men jump from hoops of different widths through from both sides of the stage —at points even simultaneously, so that two levels overlap in opposite directions. Imagine fish jumping out of a rushing mountain stream.

Photo by David Rubene Photography.

Kate Smyth’s choreography of these and many other scenes is matched with enchanting Ethiopian music. The atmosphere is one in which physical limits seem to be magically transcended with gliding ease. The physical becomes the spiritual.
Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams
Through Oct. 20
Children’s Theatre Company, 2400 3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis

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