Christy Marie Kent Comments on Her Trans Perspective in Fringe’s “Invisible People”


Photo by Patrick Perry

Acclaimed transgender storyteller Christy Marie Kent is an open book. In Invisible People she draws from the time she entered a monastery, which was a way of avoiding wanting to be a woman. Then she tried another “cure” by marrying a woman in hopes of creating a “normal” family would fix everything, Moreover, she has co-written the piece with a man who adds his own unique perspective.Kent shares “this show came about when my co-writer, Michael Merriam, who is in the process of going blind, remarked that he seemed to have become invisible. He knew this because people handing out fliers on the sidewalk would approach him, see the cane and glasses, and walk away. As a trans person, I sometimes feel the same way. This led us to create Invisible People, which anyone who is different from the crowd can relate to.”

Invisible People

Through Aug. 10
Minneapolis Theatre Garage, 711 W. Franklin Av., Mpls.

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