Bob Zehrer Paintings Premier at Traffic Zone

Photo by Bob Zehrer.

Photo by Bob Zehrer.

You may know Bob Zehrer from his remarkable career in dance, but he is also a wonderful visual artist. Having relished museums and galleries around the world, he has organically given birth to his own distinctive mystical style. Over a dozen Zehrer works will be presented in his first exhibition at the Fall Open House of the Traffic Zone Visual Art Center in the Pat Kwok and Pat Huis Studio 120. Zehrer is a splendid example of how when one masters one art form, it can open vistas and channel the soul toward and into other art forms. A generation ago Zehrer earned a music performance degree from the U of M. It’s worth observing sometime, how those who explore a particular art form it can be awakened and opened up to new dimensions. In a culture that militantly pigeonholes people and obsesses over qualifications and compels us to systematize our spontaneity, hence, destroying it, it’s inspiring to see someone who serenely dances to a different tune. Creativity and integrity go hand in hand.

Bob Zehrer Paintings
Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art
Sat., Nov 9 from 6 to 9 PM
Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art’s Paul Kwok & Pat Hui Studio 120
250 Third Av. No., Mpls.

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