Biz Buzz: Costumes Plus

Berocay Family in Costumes Plus. Photo courtesy of Luis Berocay
Berocay Family in Costumes Plus. Photo courtesy of Luis Berocay

Business: Costumes Plus

Your Name(s): Luis Berocay, Dian Lowe & Lucia Berocay

Job Title(s): Owners/Manager

Give us a brief overview of your business and what services you provide the community: 

We are a family-owned year-round Costume and Gift Shop carrying a wide selection of costumes, wigs, makeup, accessories, novelties and so much more. 

How many years have you been in business? 

26 years now!

What’s something unique we should know about your business? 

We think our whole store is unique, but the main reasons that come to mind are that we are well stocked all year with costumes and accessories, that we have a strong emphasis on customer service, and that we are really three stores in one – Costume Shop, Lingerie Boutique, and Gift Shop. Our Gift Shop includes collectibles, metaphysical supplies, crystals, incense, oils and more. 

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Our favorite thing is to help customers put together the perfect costume for their event, performance or party. As a year-round costume store, we get a lot of truly unique reasons people need our services, so we have the opportunity to help with some really interesting projects. 

Getting to see our products in a local artists music video or in a live event is the best!

What’s the best thing about working with the LGBTQ community? 

Serving and getting feedback from a diverse community has helped us curate and grow our selection of products! The LGBTQ community is a huge pillar of the performance art scene, getting to help with their creative projects and ideas is always super fun and inspiring. 

Does your business have anything new, fun or unique happening on the horizon?

We are very excited for this years Halloween season! With the Renaissance Festival back, we had our Renaissance collection front and center through September, and we will be bringing back our Annual “Christmas with Krampus” events we hold in December. Instead of photos with Santa; we have Krampus! All are welcome, including pets. It’s a lot of fun for all who participate! 

If you weren’t doing your current job, what would you be doing? 

Luis – Interior Design or Gardener
Dian – Work with children or the elderly 
Lucia – Work with animals/animal rescues

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