Splendidly Hypnotic – Zenon’s 35th Anniversary Performance

Zenon_Blessing of the Earth_photo Bill Cameron_Leslie O'Neill_Scott Mettille_Tamara Ober

Photo courtesy of Zenon Dance Company.

Zenon Dance Company demonstrates once again why they rate as on of America’s great dance companies. Their 35th Anniversary Performances at the Cowles Center exude their mixture of classical exquisiteness, modernist fluidity, and the realm of the mystical. In the case of the dance work, Blessing of the Earth, choreographed by Wynn Fricke, tribal rhythms and kinetic movement create a compellingly primeval effect.

Photo courtesy of Zenon Dance Company.

The entire experience is infused with a variety of gorgeous musical choices. With Gemini, choreographer Penelope Freeh has formed her dancers into utterly living soft sculpture that moves with sensual grace. Gabriel Mata’s solo, Boundless Trajectory, gives us a dancer’s inside view of having to reshape some of his vision to suit the whims of an external auditor. The piece is witty and also edifies us on dance technique in a vibrantly entertaining way. Mata’s own music enhances the work nicely.

Photo courtesy of Zenon Dance Company.

Choreographer Danny Buraczeski’s Ezekiel’s Wheel is touching and stirring. At certain points we hear a recording of passages from James Baldwin’s Another Country, the breakthrough novel by the iconic gay African-American writer. The dancers beckon us to accept one another in peace as members of the human family.

35th Anniversary Season Performances
Through Nov. 19
Cowles Center, 528 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis

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