Rock Yoga Puppet Opera To De-Stress Your Life

Captain Fitz and the Monkey Mind Pirates. Photo by Bruce Silcox.
Captain Fitz and the Monkey Mind Pirates. Photo by Bruce Silcox.

Captain Fitz and the Monkey Mind Pirates. Photo by Bruce Silcox.

Rainbow Families and their allies of all ages can certainly benefit from and enjoy a creative way to let go of stress. Just hop on board and the Monkey Mind Pirates of Z Puppets Rosenschoz will take you on a voyage with a sea captain to still the chaos on the stormy ocean of life. Puppet masters Shari Aronson and Chris Griffith are two of the region’s most honored in their field and that esteemed puppet and mask theatre, In the Heart of the Beast, is currently featuring their work .

Aronson shares that for “over a decade of teaching yoga I realized that everyone has the capacity for calm, but most of us need to repeatedly dig it out from under heaps of distraction, emotion, and patterned behavior. Once you become familiar with the experience of calm, you can learn how to cultivate it in your brain, your body and your whole being.”

Lady Bronte, Queen of the Monkey Mind Pirates. Photo by Bruce Silcox

The term ‘Monkey Mind’ regards how our brains swings from thought to thought – the opposite of being centered in the present moment. Our ‘Monkey Mind’ can lead one thought to produce another thought on to produce another, etc. etc. etc. The result can be an inner cacophony of stress, anxiety, frustration, paranoia, and other fear-based feelings. Thoughts recklessly ricochet off one another and so potentially trigger any number of volatile emotions that have nothing at all to do with the present moment. Is your mind a minefield whose detonation device you have no control over or a placid reservoir where you are aware of your feelings and thoughts in a way that you can steer among them without either invalidating them or letting them rip you up? Seeing this rock puppet yoga opera will help you sort that out.

Monkey Mind Pirates. Photo by Bruce Silcox.

Monkey Mind Pirates Rock Yoga Puppet Opera
Through Feb. 26
In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre 1500 W. Lake St., Minneapolis (612) 721-2535

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