Riveting Documentary on Male Domination and Submission, Out Twin Cities Film Festival Pushes the Envelope with This One!

Lawrence Ferrara’s new documentary, Power Erotic, delves head first without judgement into desires of dominance and submission among men. Though the film’s overview is definitely gay, or homosexual, if you prefer that term, it reveals penetrating insights about male power in general. The experts who comment are straight, gay, and some without definition. And that’s fine. Some have Ph.D.s and others have been or are sex workers. It makes for a rich overview of a very dense subject.

Moreover, Power Erotic contains numerous interviews of average men who enjoy dominance and/or submission with other men with riveting film clips of their personal stories and what they’ve come to understand about life, sexuality, manhood, and themselves. Ferrara also includes some profoundly intimate scenes of interaction between some of these men that are boldy graphic and real.

Much is made by some of the experts about hypermasculinity as a sign of advanced human evolution, the homo and bi-eroticism of sports, and the notion that most men are fascinated by a male physique that is highly developed. Those gay men who stubbornly insist that one must be straight or gay, as well as straight men who say the same thing, may find themselves resistant to the film’s advanced consciousness.

However, Power Erotic’s deepest power may lie in its look into emotional and psychological undercurrents of dom and sub interactions among men. There are even considerations of dominance and submission as a path to emotional healing. Ferrara guides us into the roots of where these feelings may be first formed and for some, that will be confrontational.

Power Erotic
7:05 pm
Fri., June 6
Mall of America Theatres

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