Gay Pastor Produces Fringe Show On Gender & Identity: Daylight’s Nightfall

Day and Night Final
Day and Night Final
Fringe Producer Todd Farley is a gay pastor and a mime from Saginaw, Michigan and Daylight’s Nightfall includes artists from both Michigan and Minnesota. Shadow puppetry, mime and drama combine into a stage work on genderswapping and identity.Farley shares “I have always struggled with the fact that culture too often defines us based on imposed ideals. Too often people think to be gay or straight means to adhere to a certain set of behaviors and ethics:  with them judgments being cast on what is “good” or “evil.” Usually “evil” is defined as anything thing not fitting within their expectations or staying within their “norms.”  What drew me to George MacDonald’s story of Protogen and Nysteris recast in Daylight’s Nightfall was its use of the darkness without the stereotypical judgments of it as “evil”. In fact, the child of the dark is much more innocent that the child of the day. I also wanted to play with the gender identity of the children and buck against the social norms. ”

Daylight’s Nightfall
Through Aug. 10
Mixed Blood Theatre, 1501 S. 4th St., Mpls.

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