Allison Witham on Playing The Magician in the Coming Out Themed Solo Play, “Open”


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Allison Witham has been a significant contributor to queer theater work as an actor for Savage Umbrella and Transatlantic Lover Affair, two of the most imaginative theater troupes in the Twin Cities. She plays in the one person magical show by Crystal Skillman titled Open for Walking Shadow Theatre Company, another notably imaginative group of high quality. She shares: “This show is a really beautiful reflection on how coming out and living as a out-and-proud queer person is the only way to live an authentic life. Even if it is scary, even if it can be dangerous, especially now. The character I play, Kristen, has had a lifelong struggle with her identity as a queer woman, and in meeting the love of her life, Jenny, she begins her journey to finding her courage as well as settling into her identity. The drive and drama of the show centers around Kristen’s worst fears about being out becoming a reality. Her negotiations with reality and magic, identity and survival, are wrapped up in Jenny’s fate.”

Photo by by Nico Pecans.

Witham continues, “Whenever I ruminate on the big picture of the play, I can’t help but think of Harvey Milk and the idea that in order for people to accept us (Queer people), they have to know we exist. We must come out. They have to know they know us. We’re their family members, friends, and coworkers. As an out and proud gay woman, I love that Walking Shadow has chosen this beautiful, new play by Crystal Skillman and it feels so special and is such an honor to get to perform a piece that speaks to my community in a way we haven’t seen before.”

Oct. 12-Nov. 3
Off-Leash Art Box, 4200 E. 54th St., Minneapolis

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