31 Days of Hallowonline: Makeup Tips!

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Planning the perfect Halloween costume also means planning the perfect makeup! Here are some great tips to make you stand out from head to toe!

If you’re channeling your inner vampire, check out this video via

If you really want to freak people out, create this Pinhead look. Video via UnlimitedElizabeth

For all of you who crave BRAINS, follow these zombie tips from the make-up artists on “The Walking Dead.” Video via LindaSenorita

And…for those of you who would rather sparkle than scare, here are some great tutorials for glitter lips and glitter eyes. Videos via LittleMissMakeupTV

Celebrate Day of the Dead with this sugar skull tutorial from MichellePhan.

Finally, what’s better than going as a fairy? Here’s a great, easy video from MichellePhan




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