10 Questions with SHERRY VINE


By Ryan McEnaney


Sherry Vine is coming to Minneapolis this weekend as part of Bitch Flowers’ “April Showers Bring Bitch Flowers” evening at the Varsity Theater. Here’s a quick Q&A to introduce you to Sherry:

1. What are you most looking forward to in joining Bitch Flowers and the local ladies for the April Showers event?

I’m most looking forward to free booze!  LOL.  Just kidding.  I’m really excited to make my premiere in Minneapolis and meeting all the “girls”.


2.  Who/what are your inspirations?

I try to find inspirations every day.  I walk everywhere and love watching people, gazing at the amazing architecture in NYC, and just being inspired by many things.  I grew up on Carol Burnett who is my hero and I think Debbie Harry is the most beautiful woman ever.  Sometimes I search for pictures of her and that’s very inspiring!

3.  Twin Cities PRIDE is based on 6 pillars: strength, courage, growth, enthusiasm, power and happiness.  Which of these pillars do you feel that you embody most?

I try to embody all of them but my mantra late had been Happiness!  It takes work sometimes to be truly happy, but I think if you can find it then the other pillars will follow suit.

4.  Who’s your celebrity crush?


5.  If you had a clothing line, what would it be called?

“Barbie on Crack.”

6. What’s your favorite body part?

Well I think others would say my legs.

7. What’s the most important thing to take with when you travel?

Something to read!  Lots of time in the airports and I never read at home.  I love to read–books, not people!

8. If you could be a professional athlete, what sport would you play?

Competitive cocksucking.  LOL.  I was pretty good at tennis.

9. If you were in a pop singing group, who would it be?

ABBA. The clothes!

10.   What’s your favorite indulgence?

If I can get a massage once a month, I’m in heaven!  Also, on my cheat days I go for it: pizza, ice cream, all of it!


Come and see Sherry Vine make her Minneapolis debut on April 20th at “April Showers Brings Bitch Flowers.”  Hosted by Minneapolis drag superstar Bitch Flowers and the Varsity Theater, the doors and Bitchin’ Bingo open at 7:30PM, Show at 9:00PM, Dance Party until 2:00AM!  Tickets available here!

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