You May Kiss the Bride, Thanks to Google


We all want important life moments — graduation, getting married, having a first born – to be perfect. Every last detail should be taken care of and the fewer the hiccups, the better. For many couples, a wedding is a chance to celebrate love with all of the important people in your life. It also happens to be the largest, most complicated party you’ll ever host. From tracking guest RSVPs, to picking the right florist, DJ and caterer, to coordinating every last detail with your wedding party, it’s no surprise that the process can become overwhelming and expensive real quick, turning even the most kind-hearted souls into “bridezillas” (or the occasional “groomzilla!”).

Enter Google to the rescue!

Google seems to be on a never-ending quest to make our lives easier, and I thank them for it. From maps to calendars, the search engine has come out with a resource to make nearly every aspect of life that much easier. But, wait for it, Google has made a big push into the wedding planning scene, launching a full-fledged planning portal for brides- and grooms-to-be.

Google Weddings, launched just over two years ago, started small and relatively unknown, but has grown into a destination that houses wedding-specific templates in Google Sites, Google Docs and Picasa for save-the-dates, wedding websites, planning materials, tracking the budget, invitations and more.

These customized, pre-made documents are not only incredibly organized and thorough in practically any detail you would need, they are also “smart” templates. This means that, for example, when typing in the cost of your dress, it will also update what percent of the budget you’ve spent, how much is left, etc. – automatically! Math? Who needs it? Google’s got you covered.

How can this work for you? Take the simple address book as an example. Instead of emailing hundreds of guests and copy/pasting hundreds of addresses into a spreadsheet, you can send a Google form for guests to fill out, which will collect the addresses into a spreadsheet automatically.

Can this get better? Yes. Because these documents, spreadsheets, and forms live online in “the cloud,” you can easily get help by sharing them with your parents or bridal party, and you can access them from the bakery, bridal shop or anywhere around town using your smartphone. Plus, you never have to worry about versions and email attachments, because everything is always up to date.

Simple, right?

Having the tools to plan a wedding is a good start, but you also need to know what questions to ask when interviewing vendors and which factors to consider when inviting guests or choosing music. To give you a leg up, Google has partnered with wedding planner Michelle Rago to provide tips and guidance. As an industry leader, she specializes in truly personalized weddings (check out her book Signature Weddings: Creating a Day Uniquely Your Own), making Rago the perfect adviser and spokesperson for your vision. Appearing in nearly every bridal magazine in the country, Rago also relishes passing on her experience with creating ultimate destination weddings. Within almost every template there is a little bubble full of tips and tricks of the trade from Rago’s many years of experience meant to make the process (already made easy by Google) even easier.

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