A Word In Edgewise: It Takes Two Kinds

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Crazymedia007
Photo courtesy of BigStock/Crazymedia007

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Crazymedia007

People are forever announcing, “There are two kinds of people.” Too often, they mean them and others who do whatever they do correctly, and those who perform it differently. End-time battles are fought over which way to roll toilet paper, when everyone knows that it should be… but I digress.

There are plenty of valid “Two-Kinds” dichotomies that empiric evidence shows are bred in the bone. The existence of Night people and Day people is one, and while one may argue rightness or wrongness, there is no changing one type to the other. (As a Night person, I have observed that night owls don’t care when early birds sleep, whereas early risers make it their mission to roust out nyctophiles at the crack of dawn.)

My own take on “two kinds of people” is kinetic, separating humanity into the “Energetic” and the “Entropic”: those who never cease doing, and those who barely manage to do anything at all. People will tell you he or she is “tired,” but then—unintentionally—reveal they plan that day to work their eight hours, then dress up, dine out, and go to the theater that evening, or share at length upcoming plans for strenuous vacations incorporating bicycle touring abroad, rock climbing, and scuba diving. These founts of energy cross all lines of age, gender, wealth, or social station.

Money may determine whether an individual is able to carry out his intentions, but on the other hand, neither coffers of cash, class status, nor level of education can infuse energy into Entropics. It must be noted, however, that neither type is guaranteed success, since energy undisciplined will dissipate, and determined Entropics can prevail—eventually.

Are Entropics just lazy, or were they actually not allotted fuel equal to that which propels the Energetics’ engines? There may be laziness, or physical constraints, but my contention is that energy reservoirs come hardwired. Energetics can’t slow down, Entropics can’t rev up. The best recourse for either side is to acknowledge that there exists Otherness, and to accept that those Others are coping with the birthright they were dealt just as you cope with yours.

As one who barely tasks—much less multitasks—my energy is now running on lean; it’s time for a nap.

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