Through These Eyes: Sweet YouTube Videos


Lavender this issue is talking bling and wedding bell rings–it’s our spring wedding issue! You’re sure to see beautiful pictures of fantasy weddings and newlyweds. You’ll awe at the creativity, the romance, the heart, in these pages. This issue is a bright one for its content, and made evermore cheerful with its timing: SPRING is here!

But I digress.

To make room for content in this action-packed issue, regular columnists appear exclusively online this week, and it gives me the chance to fantasize with you, or to remind you, about the finer things in life… romantic, sappy, wonderful, tear-inducingly beautiful showcases of love.

…With YouTube videos!

Here are some of my favorite proposals and kisses–some of the stuff that make life worth living, worth appreciating, worth hoping, dreaming, cuddling, remembering.

You’ve probably seen a few of these, but they’re worth every moment.

Proposals (and one wedding)

Flash Mob Proposal via MarvelsDanceCompany:

Singapore via Jamie Tan:

Documenting her beautiful proposal to her partner via 864homosexyouwell:

Movie Trailer Proposal via MattandGinny:

The World’s First Lip-Dub Proposal via Isaac Lamb:

Alexa & Stephanie’s Wedding via STEXA1:


Story of a Boy’s First Kiss via Machachew:

You’re never too young to be persistent… via Parent Fails:

Kissing Flash Mob via lazybonestunes:

There are a million more, of course, and a million more everyday. Do you have a sweet

something you’re proud of ? Any YouTube recommendations? We’d love to hear ‘em.


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