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Let The Wedding Guys help mold your wedding into the unforgettable experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Planning a wedding can be hard. There is a lot of energy involved in putting together the perfect day. It is overwhelming to choose a theme (even if you choose to go traditional, SO many choices!), what you will serve for dinner, cake, flowers, venues, a photographer and/or videographer, what your bridal party is going to wear, and, motherlode: what you and your beloved are going to wear as you walk down the aisle.

Luckily, dear reader, you live in the Twin Cities: home of The Wedding Guys.

Prepare to be inspired at Wedding Guys fashion shows! Many great brands make it a priority to showcase their best bridal looks at Wedding Guys shows.
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Who are The Wedding Guys, you ask?

The Wedding Guys are Matthew Trettel and Bruce Vassar: two men who put on some of the largest, most in-depth bridal shows in the Twin Cities. (Sidebar: Matt and Bruce would like to remind all of us that “bridal” just means “wedding”—do not gender things that don’t need to be gendered!)

Neither Trettel nor Vassar set out intending to make careers out of the wedding industry, but it is the industry in which they met one another and have since flourished, much to the benefit of all of us Midwesterners. Although Minnesota is smack dab in the center of what both men call “flyover country”, the Wedding Guys have successfully put Minnesota on the map in the bridal world. Their Minneapolis show, Unveiled, is the world’s most rewarded bridal event. The Wedding Guys work tirelessly, seeking out new trends and ideas and showcasing them at their wedding shows.

Dream team Matthew Trettel and Bruce Vassar created the Wedding Guys in the early aughts and have continued to grow and improve the organization in the years since. Photo courtesy of The Wedding Guys

The Wedding Guys still occasionally plan weddings themselves, but for the most part they now help future brides and grooms craft their dream wedding through wedding shows. Twice each year, The Wedding Guys put on the Twin Cities Bridal Show, Unveiled, and Unveiled: Rochester.

Self-described as speed dating for weddings, The Wedding Guys aggregate the best of the best in the Twin Cities: photographers, venues, florists, bakeries, and even travel companies. Their shows are the perfect opportunity to get an overview of what the Twin Cities have to offer. Do you need general ideas for wedding plans because you are just getting started? Perfect. Maybe you are trying to fill in those last few problem areas? Trying to finalize a florist or agonizing over a florist? The Wedding Guys will have you covered.

Being GLBT-friendly is something that comes organically to the Wedding Guys and is reflected at their shows. Trettel and Vassar explain their mission simply: they strive to support and inspire couples who are in love, regardless of orientation. Same-sex couples are featured alongside straight couples at inspiration stations. The fashion shows feature Groom and Bride styles separately: which is partly because tuxedos are too easily overshadowed by wedding gowns, but also ensures that all couples feel like they are a part of the show’s intended audience. Because they are.

The hottest new Bridal trends are showcased on the runway at the Wedding Guys’ shows. Photo courtesy of The Wedding Guys

Now for the bad news: The Wedding Guys do not have another show until the fall (the earliest is the Twin Cities Bridal Show on Sept. 22 in St. Paul, then Unveiled: Rochester on Oct. 20, and finally Unveiled on Nov. 3 in Minneapolis). Their website ( should tide you over until then, though.

If you are just looking for a couple tips in the meantime, you are in luck, because the Wedding Guys gave me several when I sat down with them.

First and foremost, The Wedding Guys want to let you know that the best weddings are the ones that are 1) experience-focused and 2) those that give your guests a glimpse into who you and your partner are as a couple. Your guests might forget the décor, the flowers, the cake, and the DJ, but they will not forget their experience. Let your wedding be your opportunity to tell your story as a couple and give the people who love you the chance to get to know one another.

Matt and Bruce explained a wedding they attended where members of the wedding party were assigned a table and tasked with introducing everyone at their table to each other. It gave attendees a chance to get to know each other and kept a very diverse group of people at the wedding for much longer than they might have otherwise stayed.

Wedding Guys’ shows aim to make it as easy as possible for brides and grooms to be to imagine their wedding days. Photo courtesy of The Wedding Guys

Instagrammable experiences are also huge right now. Cocktail parties are taking over big dinners because they are simpler and often more photographable. Beautiful, stylized food that will photograph well is incredibly trendy.

Let the way that you tell your story be different. Reflect your love of Disney or Marvel or Charles Dickens or just each other in your décor or ceremony. Figure out what makes you and your partner unique and showcase yourselves. Your guests want to celebrate you, not just another wedding. Give them you.

We are glad you found each other. We cannot wait to see how you celebrate yourselves.

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