The Best of Lavender 2014: MMPA Awards

Andy Lien, Nell Gellhaus, Brett Dorrian, Joy Summers, Shane Lueck
Andy Lien, Nell Gellhaus, Brett Dorrian, Joy Summers, Shane Lueck
Andy Lien, Nell Gelhaus, Brett Dorrian, Joy Summers, Shane Lueck

Andy Lien, Nell Gelhaus, Brett Dorrian, Joy Summers, Shane Lueck

Each year the Minnesota Magazine Publishing Association (MMPA) presents its Excellence Awards, recognizing outstanding publishing achievements. The awards include dozens of categories in the areas of editorial, design, marketing, digital publishing, and overall excellence. All entries for this year’s awards have a cover date between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. Winners were announced at the annual awards gala held this year on November 13. Lavender is proud to present its twelve MMPA Excellence Award winners this year.

GOLD – From the Editor

“Born This Way” by Andy Lien
Issue 495
May 15, 2014
As editor, Andy Lien looks through all of Lavender’s content from the summer of 2013 through the summer of 2014 to determine what to submit for the MMPA Excellence Awards. “It’s a wonderful reminder of what good writing and articles we’ve had throughout 26 issues, by our columnists and contributors as well as myself,” Lien says. “Getting two awards for the two pieces I submitted feels so good; it makes me want to push myself harder and farther. There’s nothing like success to drive improvement: last year, this year, next year.”

BRONZE – From the Editor

“Love: In Sickness & In Health” by Andy Lien
Issue 487
January 23, 2014

SILVER – Regular Column

“Playing for the Other Team” by Nell Gelhaus
“I was absolutely humbled and excited to hear about the awards,” Gelhaus says. She began writing her column in January 2014 hasn’t slowed down since. Bringing a sense of wit and ease to her column, Gelhaus is a truly humble writer. She says, “Honestly, I’m still surprised that people are even reading my column, so I’m very appreciative.”

GOLD – Profile Article

“Modern Family” by Shane Lueck
Issue 494
May 1, 2014
It takes courage to let someone into your life and share your story with unknown readers. “Chris and Anders (along with their son, Hugo) opened their doors whole-heartedly and were more than willing to let me into their life,” Lueck says. “Their story speaks for itself and is a reflection of their open and caring nature. I’m just thankful that I was able to do their story justice.”

SILVER – Profile Article

“The Women of Wise Acre Eatery” by Joy Summers
Issue 497
June 12, 2014
Joy Summers brings readers along her culinary journey with her food articles, so who better to profile the women who brought us Wise Acre Eatery? “As wonderful as it is to be recognized for my writing, this article is born of a love that is not my own,” says Summers. “Caroline and Beth of Wise Acres Eatery shared their story with me and I was given the gift of sharing it with our readers.”

GOLD – How-To Article

“Halloween How To” by Brett Dorrian with Morgan Ross and Andy Lien
Issue 480
October 17, 2013
Multiple photo shoots, each with intensive costuming and make up could easily go awry. But with the guidance of Brett Dorian, the piece turned out beautifully. “The how-to article was a tremendous group effort to pull together talent and communities from around the Twin Cities to bring some pop-culture trends to the mainstream for Halloween,” Dorian says. “It was a pleasure to lead the special effects design team for my studio, write for the article, and shoot a couple of the pieces.”

SILVER – How-To Article

“How to Plan a Wedding (Without Getting a Divorce)” by Nell Gelhaus
Issue 491
March 20, 2014
Writing about loved ones is always a rocky path, dodging bullets and making sure to say the right thing. Gelhaus has perfected the art. She says, “Apparently people like to read about me making fun of my wife, so I’ll be sure to tell her that when she starts to complain too much. What was that dumb thing you said a few minutes ago?  I have to write it down.  Honey, this is for the magazine!”

SILVER – Single-Topic Issue, Special Section, or Special Supplement

Spring 2014 Wedding Issue
Issue 491
March 20, 2014

BRONZE – Cover Design

Spring 2014 Wedding Issue
Issue 491
March 20, 2014

BRONZE – Feature Design

2014 New Restaurant Guide & Preview
Issue 493
April 17, 2014

BRONZE – Media Kit

BRONZE – Overall Design

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