Spiritual, Sensitive, Safe: Spirit on Lake

Image courtesy of Spirit on Lake
Image courtesy of Spirit on Lake

Affordable housing complex Spirit on Lake brings diversity and acceptance to Midtown Phillips and Powderhorn neighborhoods.

Since it opened in 2013, Spirit on Lake has provided affordable housing options for a number of residents. From seniors and GLBT community members to East African immigrants and families, Spirit on Lake continues to house a rather diverse group of individuals that breathes youthfulness, originality, and acceptance into the spirit of the lake.

According to president and managing partner of Premier Management, Richard Hutsell, Spirit on Lake is continuing to serve minority communities. Currently, two-thirds of Spirit on Lake residents are seniors while one-third are East African immigrants, Hutsell says.

He says the property looks so attractive to these demographics because it is located in a very safe and accepting area, and the property itself is welcoming to all residents regardless of sexuality, income, background, or any other factors.

“It’s a very beautiful, safe, and culturally sensitive management team, and the neighbors are just as welcoming,” Hutsell says.

Because Spirit on Lake is an independent living complex, residents are responsible for administering their own activities. Though independent living isn’t feasible for all seniors, Spirit on Lake is a great location for seniors who are looking to live in a more communal space but still have their own space and independent lifestyle.

Hutsell says Spirit on Lake’s safety, location, and acceptance of all residents make it an ideal location for GLBT seniors because this demographic is unique in that it faces prejudices in regards to age, and also sexuality and gender. At Spirit on Lake, every part of residents’ identities is accepted by the management, other residents, and neighbors throughout the area.

For residents who are interested in reading, the Quatrefoil Library leases space from Spirit on Lake—but it isn’t just any typical library. Quatrefoil Library serves the GLBT community by providing a welcoming atmosphere where GLBT individuals can create community, culture, and camaraderie through literature and media. Since Spirit on Lake had a relationship with Quatrefoil Library since its first days, the library’s presence is strong at Spirit on Lake, which creates a welcoming atmosphere for GLBT community members or residents who are just looking for a quiet place to read.

“We lease space to the Quatrefoil Library because they were such integral partners with us from the onset of our property,” Hutsell says.

Spirit on Lake offers its residents community spaces, a fitness center, outdoor patio and green space, and many safety precautions to ensure comfort for all residents. Spirit on Lake also has a variety of floor plans to meet the needs of all of its residents. With a variety of one bedroom/one bathroom floor plans, two bedroom/two bathroom, and two bedroom/two bathroom shared, there are a number of layouts for each type of floor plan, including handicap accessible. Residents must apply and qualify for low income housing options.

Spirit on Lake is a great location for low income residents and anyone looking for a welcoming, diverse community that allows all residents to truly be themselves.

For more information about Spirit on Lake, visit their website at spiritonlake.org or call 612-724-3029.

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