Socially Savvy: Bringing Home Some Love

Puss Puss, a rescue cat who lives with the authors. Photo by Sean Ryan
Puss Puss, a rescue cat who lives with the authors. Photo by Sean Ryan

Puss Puss, a rescue cat who lives with the authors. Photo by Sean Ryan

From pound-bound to purebred, cats and dogs are mankind’s best friends. Canines and felines vary in shape, size, color, and energy level, not to mention personality. No matter who you are, you can find a furry companion to fill a place in your heart and home.

“It was in the 1700s that the new American and European middle class families could enjoy the companionship of non-working animals,” said Layla Buedel, owner of City Pets Minneapolis, a local dog care service. “Until then, it was a luxury of royalty. It was expensive to have additional animals to feed.”

Today the marketplace indulges every whim from affordable pets from shelters like the Animal Humane Society to those in pursuit of the ideal blood line from a specialized breeder. If going the breeder route, find one who specializes in one specific breed of animal, like renowned breeder Deb Phillips of Signature Weimaraners in Minneapolis.“Someone who is concentrating on one type of dog is more likely to be more knowledgeable and have the dogs’ best interest in mind,” she said. It’s also a good way to avoid supporting so-called puppy-mills.

Once you have made a connection with an animal and the adoption is final, the lists of supplies and services have just begun. Big-box pet stores as well as unique boutiques like UrbAnimal on Lyndale and Bone Adventure on East Hennepinin Minneapolis help put your signature on pet ownership. Food dishes, collars, tags and toys … a plethora of options await the pet owner.

A balanced nutritional food is as important to your pets as regular vet visits and frequent grooming. Look for the seal of the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) on all pet food packaging. If it has been through animal feeding tests, it is tested on animals—and in this case, that is a good thing. It means the food went through studies with real animals for at least six months to see if they nutritional benefits are actually there and not just assumed. The word “formulated” in the AAFCO seal means the food has been tested in a lab for balanced nutrition.

Unfortunately, as our pets age, we are faced with the grave decision to let them go. Toward the end of a loved one’s life, the one service we value most is in-home house call when it’s time to say goodbye. A compassionate in-home euthanasia service can make the transition easier on both you and your pet. Letting a loved one go in the comfort of their home is by far the best way.

Our pets are integral to our loves. Cats and dogs (and many other assorted creatures) enrich us and fill our home with joy. The title “man’s best friend” could and probably should be revised to “mankind’s chosen family.”

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