Mr. Minneapolis Eagle Contest

Old, stereotypical joke: What do big, butch, tough leathermen talk about at the leather bar? They exchange recipes.

In that spirit, here’s a recipe for a particularly tasty concoction: the 10th edition of the Mr. Minneapolis Eagle Contest on April 11 at the Bolt Underground.

1. Take six diverse contestants (Robert Ashpole, Rick Burgess, Bill Devine, Bradley Gavin, Jay Kurvers, and Jon Plemons). Place in front of four judges (Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2007, Dan Beach; Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2003, Gregg White; Sam Carlisle; and your humble columnist). Grill mercilessly.

2. Add a large, enthusiastic audience and a well-seasoned master of ceremonies (Brian Anderson—this was his fifth time emceeing the contest). Turn heat to high, as contestants compete onstage in Keg Walk, Speech/Q&A, and Truth-or-Dare contest segments.

3. Finish by adding one combination contest producer/tallymaster (Minneapolis Eagle/Bolt owner Ed Hopkins) to tabulate the judges’ scores.

Yield: one second runner-up (Plemons); one first runner-up (Ashpole); one new Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2009 (Burgess)—and one hot, entertaining evening for all present.
Burgess now goes on to compete at the 2009 International Mr. Leather Contest, Memorial Day weekend in Chicago—details at

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