Love Is About Everyone: Celebrity Love Architect Launches New Division


Kailen Rosenberg. Photo by Dani Warner

By Haley Steinhardt

If you’ve watched reality TV in the last several years, you may already know Kailen Rosenberg. This passionate, highly acclaimed Celebrity Love Architect worked with Oprah to transform the love lives of an entire town in the award-winning show Lovetown, USA, and she has also appeared on the likes of E! Network’s Kardashians and Stewarts & Hamiltons. Kailen’s personal mission is to transform the world when it comes to love. Until recently though, her work has been with the straight community.

“I have so many dear friends who are gay,” says Kailen, “but I had never matched a gay couple and I didn’t want to presume that I could tap into something professionally that was outside of my personal experience.”

That all changed in 2017. Kailen experienced an awakening in what was possible for her Love Architects firm. “This wave came over me and I knew I had no choice but to be a much larger voice for the truth that love is love, no matter your sexual orientation,” Kailen says. “Simply knowing this in my heart wasn’t enough; it was time to create a division to represent the LGBT community and with honor and pride.”

The Love Architects firm includes Kailen and a whole team of highly trained, professional, and compassionate love experts, including her son, Andrew. “We have the male/female, yin and yang approach to dealing with everything in the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realms to put the right partners together,” Kailen shares.

When you work with a Love Architect, you have the opportunity to redesign your love life from the inside out, identifying what has held you back in the past from finding the ideal partner (which everyone can) then acknowledging where you are now when it comes to love and envisioning where you want to be.

It all starts with Kailen’s new Real Reveal test, which invites people to dig deeper into where they are in their personal love evolution:

  1. Ego Mate – Your love readiness is underdeveloped but you are in the space of evolving to become a potential Soul Mate.
  2. Soul Mate – Your greatest teacher, these relationships are passionate and fiery and many times seemingly the most “toxic,” as ego still gets in the way of truth and keeps you from becoming a genuine and happy Life Mate. You are in transit. No matter where you are, it’s okay because that’s your journey, but is it toward or away from becoming a Life Mate?
  3. Life Mate – You exist in a state of fully healthy love relationships. You easily give and accept love, and so does the ideal partner for you.

Real Reveal LIGHT entails 15 questions and is available now. The full Real Reveal test launches soon with 89 questions that delve even deeper to show people both single and married not only their current love-evolution stage, but also which direction they are moving: toward or away from being and attracting the best of love that is waiting with their current partner, or a new Life Mate.

From there, your personal Love Architect will walk you through every aspect of your relationship readiness, including compassionately addressing your personal style and your living space and helping you to redesign and reimagine where necessary. Next, the search for your perfect partner is on.

Working with a professional Love Architect is not inexpensive, nor is it for the faint of heart, but if you’re sick of the bars, the hookup apps, and past relationships hitting wall after wall, you may be ready for a professional matchmaking service of this kind. Kailen’s elite matchmaking services start at $100,000 for a Global Soul Mate Search, though the firm is also available to customize a program for those who are serious about finding love. “We customize programs to fit just about every budget,” says Kailen, “so all can experience the love they deserve.”

To add to the fun, The Love Architects just launched The Lodge Social Club, a new and private online and brick-and-mortar country club for single professionals to meet and mingle. With events like cocktail hours, group hikes, and coffee dates, plus access to renowned celebrity experts in fashion, beauty, and relationships, the club offers a welcome break from the world of commercial online dating and mainstream matchmaking. With several locations opening soon all over the United States and internationally, The Lodge Social Club’s home base (as well as The Love Architects headquarters) is right here in Minneapolis on the historic Calhoun Beach Club property. Online club membership starts at $60/month with a $100 annual fee (coming late this summer) and personalized brick-and-mortar programs begin at $2,500 and up.

Initial interviews and assessments for entry range from $250 to $1000 depending on the level of expert and service you’d like to undertake with The Love Architects, and this includes a triple background check: criminal, identity, and financial. “We want you to have a peaceful, flowing relationship without having to worry about any hidden drama once natural chemistry has taken place,” says Kailen. A portion of the firm’s gross revenue every year goes to charities such as Ronald McDonald House Families and St. Joseph’s Home for Children.

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