Long But Not Straight—GLBT Life Partnerships Tee Off at Burl Oaks Golf Club


Burl Oaks is perfect for small gatherings to large receptions. Photo courtesy of Stephen Hamilton

You are surrounded: by traps made of sand, by hazards made of water, twin perils that entangle the ubiquitous, emerald hills like crooked spider webs dotted with unwary, dimpled fruit flies. You stand intently, your back to a hushed, expectant crowd. They await the effort you’re about to expel, their breath bated, many wondering if you have what it takes to come through in the clutch.

Thinking breezy, cross-cut thoughts, or at least trying to, you command your body to become a singular amalgam of tension and relaxation, of zen and ambition, hips loose and feet tight. The next moment stretches lushly before you, waiting for you to define your future, to grant yourself your Happily Ever After.

You’ve got this. You clear your throat, wipe the sweat from your palms, clear your throat again, forcing your heart out of that space. You’re ready—really, finally ready. You’ve got this. You’ve got this.

You are, of course, about to get married at Burl Oaks Golf Club.

“Play. Celebrate. Enjoy.” The words that appear on the home page of Burl Oaks Golf Club’s website probably refer to that sport with the balls and the sticks and questionable pants, but those unsung lyrics might just as well refer to weddings hosted by that same venue.

Burl Oaks Golf Club offers a full spectrum of wedding services, ranging from Fairy Tale to Vegas Drive-Thru and all points in between. “Whether you are planning a small, casual gathering or a large, formal reception, Burl Oaks has the event facilities for you,” their website supposes. “We can help you plan every detail of the big day!”

This help and this planning begins by consulting someone like Stephen Hamilton, Burl Oaks’ event coordinator and clubhouse manager. “I have been in the club industry for over thirty years,” he assures. “I’ve learned from the best and apply that knowledge in every facet of the events.”

Burl Oaks Golf Club started hosting outdoor weddings and receptions in 1991 upon the opening of its clubhouse. Photo courtesy of Stephen Hamilton

So Hamilton brings serious cred to the marriage game… but so does the venue itself. “[Burl Oaks Golf Club] began to host outdoor weddings and wedding receptions in 1991 when our new clubhouse opened,” Hamilton remembers. “The views and the deck attached to our ballroom are amazing features.”

This is where the 19th Hole of your golf course wedding, more generally referred to as the reception, often lands.

“The Wenkstern Ballroom offers a warm and comfortable environment for your event with stunning windows featuring glorious panoramic views of the golf course,” the website acclaims. “Seating is available for up to 150 guests.” This implicitly lends both members of the new marriage the opportunity to sharpen their avoiding-the-in-laws skills.

This public bonding has been partaken of by couples of every stripe. “We have hosted two [same-sex] weddings and receptions in the last two years,” Hamilton reports. “In perspective, we only do ten weddings a year.” Golf scorers might be tempted to refer to that record as an eagle.

And unlike golf itself, there is no off-season where weddings are concerned. “Summer weddings are warm and surrounded by green—fairways, tee-boxes, lush trees, flowers everywhere,” says Hamilton. “Winter weddings are elegant in their own right. The views are still gorgeous white with snow and trees with no leaves. It looks like a winter wonderland—beautiful.”

Burl Oaks welcomes GLBT lovebirds to tie the knot at their venue with open arms. Photo courtesy of Stephen Hamilton

Burl Oaks Golf Club can lend you various electronic implements which might set the mood or catalyze the celebration. Audio/visual equipment, large screen televisions, and liquid crystal display projectors are yours for the asking. And of course, no wedding not set on the echoey steps of City Hall would be complete without centerpieces, candles, and linens. Theoretically, golf equipment is also available in profusion.

“We welcome all of our weddings and guests with a five-star memorable experience,” Hamilton promises. “We guarantee that our guests will rave about their experience with us. We have the reviews and thank you cards to back that up.” In other words, Burl Oaks Golf Club can tee up your fairy tale nuptials… but the Happily Ever After is up to you.

Burl Oaks Golf Club
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