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Harvey Perle, Medicare advisor at Perle & Co.,shares how he found his third career in affordable health care.

After twenty-nine years as a kitchenware wholesale representative, Harvey Perle was ready to retire… on to a new career, that is.

“I needed to find a third career doing something that my past career experiences could contribute to, while providing a great deal of personal gratification. As I explored opportunities, I discovered that people either applying for Medicare, or current Medicare recipients, want the feeling of security in their health care coverage but are not confident that they have made the correct choices,” Perle explains. “As we age, affordable health care coverage becomes critically vital to provide comfort that no matter what happens to our health, we are going to be okay. We want to enjoy our families, our grandchildren, our friends, and our communities as long as possible. But Medicare is very complicated and confusing.”

As a former nursing home owner and administrator, as well as a licensed agent in life, health, accident, & travel insurances, Perle was already certified in Medicare, making it a pretty easy decision to become a Medicare advisor. “The fit is perfect.”

And because the health care industry is notorious for nickel-and-diming patients, Perle wanted to offer his clients his vital services free of charge.

“Clients never pay for my services. My responsibility is to teach what is not understood, uncomplicate the complicated, identify custom-fits, and then help find and apply for the best Medicare plan. As a licensed agent, I have access to plans from multiple Medicare sources to customize the kind of coverage that fits you,” Perle says. “And, as your health or finances change over time, I can be relied upon to guide you. So, like your financial advisor, I can be with you for life, as I learn what your needs are. I become your advocate.”

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Perle, who is licensed in Minnesota and can serve all counties of the state, says there are many federal and state laws that apply to health care coverage. Each insurance company providing Medicare advantage, Medicare supplements (Medigap), and prescription drug coverage offers a wide variety of choices, and each has a lot of rules to know, Perle explains.

“As I understand your medical, prescription, financial, transportation, athletic, and social needs, the key is to ensure that you are covered by the right health care coverage providing confidence that you are going to be in a safe place if your health is at risk,” he adds.

To apply for Medicare, Perle says it must be three months before or three months after your sixty-fifth birthday. After that, penalties might apply.

“You have a lot of living to do. Knowing that all information is collected confidentially, you control what is shared regarding recent medical history, preferred physicians, specialists or hospitals, and current prescriptions. This information is useful to research the ideal plans for you. Additional questions arise concerning how and where health care will be provided if you travel domestically or internationally for any length trips, if you are a snowbird, or if you need rehab, nursing home, or home health care,” Perle says.

But if you are still working, health care coverage currently provided by your employer might be the best
option for you, even beyond the age of sixty-five.

For those on Medicare, Perle says vision, dental, hearing aids, chiropractic care, free gym memberships, and wellness coaching might be available to you. “When you come home from the hospital, you might appreciate delivered meals, or if transportation is provided to go to and from the doctor, or even the gym. Some plans provide free over-the-counter products for you to have at home throughout the year,” he says. “Your partner, spouse, or any other family members are always welcome to participate in our conversations. I want your entire family circle to feel that the advice being provided is something that everyone can find comfort in.”

Perle notes that there is a window between October 15 and December 7 for Medicare recipients to renew or update their coverage plans.

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