From The Editor: Sunny Days Ahead

Photo by BigStock/mavoimages
Photo by BigStock/mavoimages

Photo by BigStock/mavoimages

Spread the message, loud and clear: the season of Pride is almost here!

The most fabulous time of the year is nearly upon us, and as we look forward to all the amazing festivities to celebrate our rainbow pride, we mustn’t forget that summer is finally in our clutches, too! We need to cherish it and savor it and never, ever let it go, seasonal shifts be damned!

Luckily, Minnesotans know how to take advantage of summertime, and we’ve compiled an amazing collection of local events, parties and festivals better known as the Summer in the Cities Guide. Ready for the State Fair? We got you covered. Itching to see your favorite musician coming to town? We have your back. Comedy shows? Art fairs? Dance nights? Pro wrestling show-meets-burlesque? Look no further.

But that’s not all, my friends! We have an exclusive interview with musical sensation Chastity Brown ahead of her collaboration with the Minnesota Orchestra; we celebrate 15 years of East Central Minnesota Pride; and we look at the upcoming Pride Nights for three of our local pro sports franchises.

Not enough for you? Get a heapin’ helpin’ of Southern charm with Carla Waldemar’s trip to Greenville, SC, and join Bradley Traynor as he Eats The Menu at Loring Park’s jaw-dropping and mouth-watering seafood mecca 4 Bells.

What makes this issue doubly special, however, is the inclusion of the first part of our three-part retrospective series on the groundbreaking Stonewall Riots and the American GLBT Rights Movement. As we get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, we chronicle major milestones in the history of the rainbow community. Stay tuned for Part 2 (June 6) and Part 3 (June 20), and most importantly, get ready: Pride is nigh!

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