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One thing modern media technology has done for the leather/BDSM/fetish community is to increase both the number of voices from the community and the ability of those voices to be heard.

When this column started in 1995 I joined a landscape of leather commentators that included Marcus Hernandez, aka Mr. Marcus, in San Francisco; Jack Rinella in Chicago; and Vern Stewart in Washington, DC Dave Rhodes was writing and publishing The Leather Journal, and other writers and columnists appeared in Drummer Magazine and International Leatherman. Back then, leather discourse was led by those few writers with access to an ink-and-paper pulpit from which to declaim.

Within a few years the landscape had changed, and suddenly anyone with something to say could say it electronically on the World Wide Web. On the leather frontier of that change was Leatherpage.com, a website run by IML 1996 Joe Gallagher, which gathered the work of many leather thinkers, pundits, and writers (including your humble columnist) and presented it all in one convenient place on the Web.

A few years ago Gallagher suspended the website, but now he has transferred the Leatherpage domain name to San Francisco activist Leland Carina who, with Gallagher’s blessing, has restarted and rejuvenated Leatherpage.com.

New publisher Carina is deeply involved in the San Francisco-area leather community. She is a graphic designer at Kink.com and also does a wide variety of volunteer work for various individuals and organizations in and beyond the San Francisco Bay area. She is President of the San Francisco girls of Leather (SFgoL) and serves as Chair of the PR Committee of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. You can see examples of her design, photography and modeling work at lelandcarina.com.

Contributors to the new Leatherpage.com include Leatherati.com, Race Bannon, Sir Hugh (International Leather Sir 2010), Mollena Williams (International Ms Leather 2010), Hobbit (International Ms Leather 2008), Wendell Joost III, Violet Blue, Instigator Magazine, The Leather Journal, the Bay Area Review leather column and, of course, Lavender Magazine’s Leather Life column. (Carina has been a contributor to Leatherati.com—another leather-commentary website well worth your time—and plans to continue in that role.) The new Leatherpage.com also plans to republish historic posts from the archives of Leatherpage’s first era.

So check out the reborn Leatherpage.com (and be sure to add it to your browser bookmarks).

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