Leather Life’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

691LENIUS_Silky Tie-ups

Silky Tie-Ups by Liberator. Two four-foot-long, silky-soft sashes perfect for light bondage experimentation—or, for experienced players, something different than the usual rope. Slip one end of the sash into the sewn-in loop on the other end and pull tight (but not too tight) for quick bondage around wrists or ankles. Also great as a blindfold. Machine-washable. Available in dark gray, red or pink. $39.99. At Smitten Kitten or smittenkittenonline.com.

Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitten

Kinky Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick by Chronicle Books. Game contains 50 sticks, each with a kink-centered question on one side and a kinky dare on the other. Draw a stick and see what happens. Game is inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations. $14.95. At Smitten Kitten or smittenkittenonline.com.

Bondage Tape by Kinklab. Light bondage for wrists and ankles, no knots necessary. This shiny vinyl “tape” sticks to itself without adhesive, so it won’t grab hair and isn’t messy to remove. Also use creatively for body binding and decoration. Reusable—just roll it back up when you’re done playing. 2” wide x 65 feet long. Available in black, red or pink. $9.99. At Bondesque or bondesque.com.

Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitten

Fetish Play Dice by Ball & Chain. Be spontaneous and spark your creativity with a roll of the dice. Two dice, one with verbs (like “tickle” “paddle” and “punish”), the other with parts of the body (including “above waist” “below waist” “ankles & legs” and “all over”). Dice terms are gender-neutral and orientation-neutral—fun for everybody and every body. $6.50. At Smitten Kitten or smittenkittenonline.com.

Photo courtesy of Bondesque

Urban Aboriginals: A Celebration of Leathersexuality by Geoff Mains. This groundbreaking book describes leathersex, and the leather community, as it was when this book was published in 1984. Even though much has changed since then, Urban Aboriginals has remained a classic book that still contains much of value for today’s readers. $16.95. At Bondesque or bondesque.com.

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