Lavender’s Community Pride Award for LGBTQ Individual: Sebastian Nemec

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Nemec
Photo courtesy of Sebastian Nemec

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Nemec

Organizational Involvement: Twin Cities Quorum, National Guard LGBT Special Emphasis Council, Reclaim

Sebastian Nemec works independently as a business coach helping queer and trans people build their confidence to launch and grow their own businesses.

“My skillsets of business knowledge and experience in the military and the positions that I find myself in all lend themselves to advocating for the queer and trans community. And it’s something that I feel called to do,” Nemec says. “Because of my intersecting identities with also being queer and trans, that’s just the population that I want to serve.”

Being an advocate for the LGBTQ community is a role that Nemec comfortably fits into. He says, “I am a person that likes to speak up and be visible when I can. Because then it puts a face to what being trans looks like, what being queer looks like to a lot of people that might not quite understand.”

For Nemec, part of being an effective advocate includes continuing to educate yourself on different issues that come up as society evolves. He says, “Even within the career community, there’s going to be different perspectives and viewpoints. And it doesn’t mean they’re wrong, but they don’t have to be the same as yours.”

With that advocacy comes a bit of advice: you can’t please everybody no matter how hard you try.

“That’s something that I’ve always tried to do,” he says, “but it’s something that just isn’t achievable and you have to live your authentic truth.”

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