Jones-Harrison: A Legacy of Care and Compassion


Jones-Harrison Residence is located in Uptown Minneapolis. Photo by Aerial Impressions

For over 130 years, Jones-Harrison Residence has been dedicated to offering housing for people 62 years and older. In fact, they’re still located in the same Uptown Minneapolis spot overlooking Cedar Lake.

Mrs. Jane Harrison and Judge Edwin Jones were the two people who helped make the Residence a reality,” said Jones-Harrison development director Cindy Iverson. “Mrs. Harrison, an active member of the Women’s Christian Association, left $30,000 in her will to be used to establish a home for the aged. Judge Jones’ wife was a member of the WCA board, and she and her husband donated the land with the original octagon-shaped home used for the first residents, aged women and minister’s wives.”

Today, Jones-Harrison is continuing this mission of goodwill, offering assisted living apartments with all-inclusive utilities, not to mention meal services and great social activities for residents. The establishment also offers a Care Center for those with increased physical needs.

Within the Care Center we also have a dedicated floor for those needing enhanced services for memory loss,” said Iverson. “The entire floor, comprised of five wings, is secure, so mobile residents are free to walk the entire area. Each wing has a theme incorporated into its décor helping to guide residents into a familiar setting. Meals are provided in each neighborhood along with activities designed to stimulate mind and body and tailored to those with memory loss.”

Iverson said that among Jones-Harrison’s multitudinous amenities are an offering of a variety of art residencies to appeal to its inhabitants.

We have had residencies in photography, poetry, collage, ceramics, international music and interpretive dance,” said Iverson. “Many of these activities are intergenerational thanks to partnerships with area schools like Breck, Blake and Benilde-St. Margaret.”

All tenants are also able to access Jones-Harrison’s Wellness Center, which offers group exercises as well as individual strengthening and balance programs. Also included are an indoor heated pool and an arthritis center; on top of that, Jones-Harrison tenants can enjoy a gardening club, monthly birthday celebrations, and twice-monthly concerts. Catholic Mass, Shabbat, and non-denominational religious services are also held onsite.

“When the weather permits, residents take advantage of two beautiful courtyards to visit in, and weekly barbecues are held during the summer,” said Iverson. “A number of trips to area museums, fairs, the Arboretum and other Twin Cities offerings are enjoyed throughout the year.”

Iverson said that the rates for the skilled care portion of Jones-Harrison’s campus are set by the State of Minnesota, and are therefore comparable to all other nursing homes in the state.

We accept Medicare and Medicaid and most private insurances,” said Iverson. “Assisted Living costs are again quite comparable to other assisted livings in the area. We have studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments that range in price from approximately $3,000-6,000; cares are determined by the nursing staff and are an additional cost. These can be adjusted as a tenant’s needs change.”

Photo by Cindy Iverson

Of course, the safety and comfort of tenants is top priority for Jones-Harrison, and as we contend with COVID-19, Jones-Harrison has been complying with state and CDC guidelines and regulations to keep tenants safe.

We have been in isolation since March 13th with no outside visitors,” said Iverson. “Families have kept in contact with their loved ones through video chats, window visits and can leave them items in our vestibule that our staff disinfect and deliver. We are currently in the process of testing all staff and all residents and tenants for COVID-19, with the assistance of the Department of Health.”

Iverson continued by noting that any symptomatic patients that tested positive were placed in a special isolation unit with dedicated staff assigned to it.

All staff wear masks and eye protection, and those dealing directly with patients wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),” she said. “We communicate with our family members at least twice a week via email to keep them apprised of what is happening; we also post our testing results on our website.”

Iverson said that there are many ways that the public can help Jones-Harrison and its residents out during this difficult time, from writing positive notes and letters, to donating PPE and gift cards for the residents.

A monetary donation of any amount is so helpful in not only purchasing the things we need today, but to use as we look to the day when we can begin to operate normally and have all our services and activities in full operation again,” said Iverson. “I would also ask that once places like ours are open to the public again, that people would consider volunteering their time and/or talents.  Just a few hours a month have such a big impact and can help connect our residents to the world outside our doors.”

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