Jamez Sitings – The Gross Years

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Photo courtesy of BigStock/Elkov

1990 – 1992

Seattle Racism

From Queer Club Promoters
to Driving While Black

Thrown in Jail for crimes uncommitted
Records permanently marred.

1992 – Broken Heart       Shattered

Nervous Breakdown

Lonely With Despair

Escape The Deep White North
to keep The Dream Alive.


1992      San Francisco,   The Return Home!

Burglarized the very first day.



Police escort from Mother’s Home

Dared stand betwixt Children

and Threat of Death.

Haven’t spoken with my sister since.


94 – 95

The struggle to survive.

Part-time temp jobs

99 cent two-wing dinners
Working a Club Scene

That worked to keep me down

Threatened by lies
Fearful of Truth

1996 –

The Fix-Up

A Sexual encounter
Multiplied into a Romance
Blossomed into Love

Flowers plucked
crushed underfoot

A Grown Man
Afraid of Pinnochio

Never was a Real Boy.


The Great Fire Of,
preceded by Thirteen Deaths

Another shattering
of reconstructed heart

Forced from Dream Job
by one who wanted to be the Only

Black Man.

Kicked out of flat
for not fucking David
who never offered
to share a bed.

Grandfather dies saying, “Poor Annette. Poor Annette.”

Move back in with Mom, Poor Annette,

And the kids
and their kids

All those people

All that drama

And a meth lab next door

Burning Down The House.

1998 –    More of the same.

Fewer fires.


I don’t want to die.

I’d rather dance my life away.

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