Holiday Gift Guide: Pet-Centric


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Pet Products from Naked Decor

We’re switching things up in the pet gift guide portion of this issue and featuring gifts that feature pets! What’s more, they’re designed and produced by a gay artist from Washington DC, Supon Phornirunlit. As he puts it, “I don’t give clients what they want, I give clients what they need.” I could not agree more.  My reaction to coasters with bulldogs in crowns is visercal and goes well beyond any simple wish list want, but they need to appear in my loft tout suite. The same goes for dachsund pillows, greyhound napkin rings, faux antlers for my exposed-brick walls, and tea towels with the lovable mugs of Boston Terriers eyeing me from my towel rack. Supon’s pet-centric products (and other designs) are plentiful and all found online for those of us who need to share the Naked  Decor love this holiday season.

Pillows and decorative pieces of all different kinds of pets and breeds can be found in Supon’s décor zoo. Considering how much my dog Grendel hates cats, the devious side of me would love the irony of giving him a pillow with some fluffy feline devil on it for his lounging pleasure.

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