Holiday Gift Guide: Fun ‘n Fitness


If you’re looking for something fitness oriented, we have two fun suggestions this year – one for your favorite couch potato and one that is technically aimed at fitness aficionados, but is great for anyone on your list.

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a fun way to bring fitness into the home. If you know someone who is still nervous about going to the gym or just never liked going to the gym in the first place, they might enjoy playing Ring Fit Adventure – especially if they’re already a fan of Nintendo. Ring Fit Adventure’s RPG mode and mini games both feature cute, colorful graphics that make working out – dare I say it? – fun. There is also a targeted exercise mode available for those who are less concerned with game play and more concerned with keeping leg day as leg day.

This game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, and although it can technically be played with the Nintendo Switch Lite, that requires a bit of a work-around. I’d recommend making sure that the recipient of this gift has a Switch already – or, if you really love them, throwing in a Nintendo Switch as a bonus gift.

Fair warning – this game sold out when COVID first hit, so if you’re thinking about gifting this one, buy it sooner rather than later. (

Massage Gun (Vybe Pro, Theragun, Achedaway)
Starting at $197.99

Massage guns have been around for at least a decade, but they are surging in popularity in fitness circles right now. Every CrossFitter or marathoner you know is almost assured to have one of these babies on their list this year. Massage guns are used to relax muscles after workouts and have many benefits, including releasing lactic acid, increasing oxygen flow in muscles, relieving stiffness, and more.  There are many different makes and models to choose from and, although I don’t have experience with all of them, I can say that I personally own (and love) a Vybe Pro and my sister owns (and loves) a TheraGun. This gift will probably be most exciting for your fitness-head friends, but as someone who occasionally uses my massage gun to loosen up stiff back muscles after spending too much time hunched over my computer, I can verify that anyone with an achy body will appreciate a massage gun.

Skybox Gym – Classes/Memberships
St. Louis Park/St. Paul
Starting at $14

Skybox is a boutique gym with locations in St. Louis Park and St. Paul, specializing in HIIT style strength training as well as private training. Their workouts are tough, yet fun, with friendly coaches and a welcoming community. Skybox takes COVID-19 very seriously and your safety is their top priority. Your first class is always free, after that you’ll get two weeks of unlimited classes for only $14. (

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