Noah Duncanson: Jack of All Trades, Master of Fitness

He’s a model, a personal trainer, a business owner, and a local bar-hopper intent on adding to the energy of the Cities. Noah Duncanson grew up in Wisconsin, but came to Minneapolis for his schooling. Majoring in sports medicine and kinesiology, he always has been very health-conscious.
Photo by Mike Hnida

Duncanson is co-owner of Solfit, his new health and wellness company. He’s getting his business on its feet in an attempt to help people find happiness by means of his being a life coach to them, not just a personal trainer. The purpose of Solfit is for Duncanson—and co-owner Chad Alfords—to consult with those who are eager to turn their lives around.

As Duncanson says, “We want to create a template for a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix.”

Being physically healthy requires mental wellness as well, which is what Alfords and Duncanson plan to help people discover. According to Duncanson, 80 to 90 percent of health and well-being is in your head, which is why he serves as a happy-go-lucky, spirited life coach, as opposed to strictly a personal trainer.

Part of Duncanson and Alfords’s health and wellness regimen is to devise custom nutrition programs for each individual they train. Duncanson explains that habits are hard to break, but creating an entire program for their clients to follow will make the transition into good health smoother, and make it easier to stay on track.

In Duncanson’s words, “We want to help people find happiness, whatever that means to them.”

Such a goal is achieved by helping people realize what being healthy truly means: It requires physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes spiritual balance.

Many of the classes Solfit offers will be held outside, some include exercising and running around Lake Calhoun. Soon, classes may be available in the suburbs. The idea is to spend time enjoying the outdoors while getting fit. It’s a way to take pleasure in exercise.

Duncanson recently gave modeling a go. He was seen in his underwear at the Splash Bash II event last year. Throughout the past year, he has done some commercial and fitness modeling, but finds that health and wellness is more of his passion.

Duncanson’s other business, Immaculate Designs, was involved in Lavender’s recent Kitchen Facelift Makeover, completely revamping a couple’s ordinary kitchen into something wondrous. Though his focus has switched mainly to Solfit, Immaculate Designs is very much an up-and-running company for those who would like a unique change to their homes. Tromp l’oeil, Venetian plaster, and stenciling are all services Duncanson’s crew offers.

Along with his roles as a life coach and a model, Duncanson has been in track, basketball, golf, and martial arts. He is a self-taught dancer who does some free-style break dancing. He loves to go out, interact, and add energy to the bars, promoting health and wellness without drugs and alcohol.
Beyond his various incarnations, Duncanson is a simple guy who loves to have fun, and whose mission is to go out and impact lives, he notes.

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