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The primary service of MNiCards is selling locally made greeting cards, but they also offer print services for all greeting cards. Image courtesy of Adam Hirsch

Adam Hirsch’s company, MNiCards makes every occasion a special one, offering unique, handmade greeting cards.

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, new job, parent’s day, or anything in between—sometimes writing personal messages in a mass-produced convenience store card can make them feel like anything but. Adam Hirsch, founder of MNiCards, understands that it isn’t about the act of giving someone a greeting card, but rather it’s about the human connection that it creates. Which is exactly what MNiCards stands for.

“Our philosophy is really centered around human connection,” Hirsch says. “Especially in today’s current environment, it’s more important than ever to send your love via snail mail to those important to you. We always believe that in a world of technology, never underestimate the power of a hard-copy greeting card. While an email or text is great, opening a handwritten letter for an occasion or even ‘just because’ can truly brighten someone’s day.”

Image courtesy of Adam Hirsch

And brightening people’s days is what MNiCards does best. Hirsch says he started his business with the name in mind, which ended up dictating the product. “I have always loved being creative and colorful on paper, and I wanted to bring that to life in way that I could share with others,” Hirsch says. “MNiCards is a play on words with two meanings: First, it is representative of all cards being designed, drawn, and printed in Minnesota, and second, the cards being ‘mini’ or ‘MNi’ in size (pun intended).”

The primary service of MNiCards is selling locally made greeting cards, but they also offer print services for all greeting cards, including custom orders, and digital services on a freelance basis.

“We create quirky, loving, and fun card designs, available for shipping, delivery, or pickup. More affordable and more unique than what’s in stores. In addition, we also do custom greeting card designs. For example, we will work with you on a custom birthday or anniversary… or we can work with your business on custom thank you cards,” Hirsch says. “We also offer wholesale pricing for online and brick-and-mortar stores.”

With Pride and social distancing at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now, Hirsch says cards can be used to celebrate Pride, even when we need to be apart.

“While we may not be able to celebrate Pride in the same capacity we have in the past, we can still show our Pride and send our love to support family and friends,” Hirsch says. “The social distancing collection is known as the ‘Connection Collection.’ While we aren’t able to see our family and friends as much as we like to, it’s equally important to send out a card ‘just because.’ Let somebody know you are thinking about them during such a crazy time in our world. We are constantly working on new collections for universal occasions and local and unique events.”

Adam Hirsch is the founder and owner of MNiCards. Photo courtesy of Adam Hirsch

MNiCards’ products are the perfect way to celebrate Pride and connect with loved ones during quarantine or while social distancing. A gift from MNiCards is a bespoke gift; perhaps the most notable aspect of MNiCards is the creativity, love, and individuality that is in every single card.

After Hirsch began his career in financial services in corporate America, he realized he was missing a crucial element of his day-to-day life: creativity. He began drawing and combined that creative outlet with his love of purchasing cards for family and friends. Hirsch decided to start MNiCards, where creativity is woven into the fabrics of the company.

All MNiCards cards are either hand-drawn on paper or created digitally. Hirsch’s creations are small in dimension to reflect a “MNi” feel, and they’re made in Minnesota.

For more information about MNiCards, visit For custom orders, wholesale, or any questions or feedback, Hirsch says to visit the contact page at To follow along on Hirsch’s personal journey, you can follow him on Instagram at @adamhirschj. To learn what MNiCards is up to, check out new designs, stay up to date on fun giveaways, and more—follow @MNiCards on Instagram.

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